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Apr 21, 2006 10:55 AM

Recipe for a Soup using Ham in a BROTH?

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Does anyone have an excellent recipe for turning my leftover ham into a soup. I usually make split pea, but am in the mood for a "brothy" soup this time. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. What about some form of callaloo? There are a ton of recipes online, some with other meats but most with ham. Every version I've tried has turned out just fine. Or just experiment yourself with some combination of broth, ham, okra, hot chiles, garlic, callaloo (or spinach, or other greens), and butternut squash.

    I also just ran across a recipe for soup with smoked ham, corn, and potatoes. Basically: heat lard or oil, add 1-2 cups ham, a chopped onion, one each chopped red and green bell pepper, and some garlic, and saute until peppers are tender. Add 2 cups corn, a large diced potato, a 3/4 lb smoked ham hock (if available), and 4-5 cups water. Bring to boil then simmer partially covered ~ 1 hour. Remove ham hock, season with salt and pepper (and whatever else you like). I can't vouch for this specific recipe, but it sure sounds good to me.

    1. Cosider red beans and rice. When I make it the red bean/meats/trinity component is pretty loose and soupy. This is one of my all-time favorite things to eat. Freezer usually contains some containers of it. If you want the recipe, just tell me.

      1. My mother's family was Norwegian. When I was growing up she didn't cook Norwegian foods, because she had been taught that foreign-is-bad and American-is-good. However, unfortunately after I left home for college, she revived some of her family's Norwegian recipes and used to make them for my father, and she would tell me about them. One was a ham broth soup with tiny potato dumplings, the size of spaetzle, that sounded fabulous. I believe the dumplings were called "kumla" or something that sounded like that. I went searching on the web and didn't find that exactly, but here's something similar but with larger potato dumplings that sounds good. I know she made it with the ham bone, not a whole ham, and this sounds like a very large quantity of potatoes, so you could probably pare the whole thing down. (Mother, I was cheated! Why didn't you make this when I lived there?)


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          My mother's side of the family was from Norway and YES I loved and still make kumla, though no recipe I have found makes it exactly as my granny. And yes, she used a ham bone and kidney suet inside the dumplings and she make them bigger than spaetzle. More like a dumpling but heavy as could be. Love those things.

        2. I just saw this recipe in Food Everyday's mag, looks great - it's an Emeril recipe "Gumbo Z'herbes"