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Apr 20, 2006 03:44 PM

What to serve with deep-fried, buttermilk-battered chicken

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I'm making a spicy deep-fried, buttermilk battered fried chicken tonight, and I'm wondering what to make with it. Since we're already assaulting our arteries, I'm looking for something on the lighter side. Ideas?

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  1. Potato salad? Mashed potatoes? Coleslaw? Cooked to death with some bacon or smoked pork green beans? Just nice fresh peas, hot biscuits. Those are what I think of depending on time of the year to go with fried chicken.

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      Yes. Slaw ands biscuits. Slaw is healthy and refreshing (if you're careful about the dressing). I like a little daikon radish in my slaw for a bit of a bite.

      Biscuits may not be all that light, but they don't have to be TERRIBLY high fat, and you can use what's left of the buttermilk.

      1. re: danna

        Yes, I know you made this last night but slaw, buiscuts, and mashed potatoes and gravy.

    2. Make a bright, crisp slaw. Shredded green cabbage, red onion, italian parsley, maybe some cilantro, and chopped jalapeno. Toss with salt, plenty of ground pepper, good olive oil, and plenty of red wine vinegar to give it an extra-crisp bite.

      This slaw works great served atop the chicken, so you get the rich, meaty fried chicken and the bright, refreshing slaw in the same bite.

      1. I particularly like good apple sauce with fried chicken. Maybe some sauteed chard or spinach or collard greens too. Mashed potatoes are a good go-with although it sounds like you're putting your calories into the chix.