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Apr 18, 2006 05:01 PM

White Wine Sangria

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I need to make white wine sangria for a crowd. I can find recipes for red sangria, but the few I found on google for white sangria seem a little suspect. Does anyone have a tried and true recipe for this?

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  1. Do you definitely want White Wine, or would you be up for a rose - last summer I posted a very tasty berry Rose Wine Sangria recipe - happy to find it if you like.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      there will be a lot of white upholstered furniture around, so I want to keep the possibilty of stains to the absolute minimum and need white wine sangria for this batch.

      But that rose sounds amazing for my non-work life and I would love to have it!

      1. re: Meredith

        Ah, so that's how people with white furniture do it. I always wondered about that!

        Here's how I make it (it's called tisana in Spain):

        The trick to making a good sangria (or tisana) is to macerate the fruit in sugar and alcohol for a few hours. In this case, I'd cut the fruit up and mix it with the brandy and sugar and let it soak in the refrigerator for at least a few hours and then mix in the wine and add the bubbly ingredients when it is time to serve.

        1 bottle of champagne or cava
        1/4 liter of white wine
        1/4 liter of sweet sherry or brandy
        cointreau to taste

        You can use sherry, brandy, or really any hard liquor that you have on hand. If you want it to be lighter, you can also add sparkling water at the last minute.

        1. re: butterfly

          Toss a few types of dried fruits in there too. Dried fruit makes for a really complex and tasty white sangria.

    2. I made a white peach sangria last summer that was great. I got an inexpensive bottle of Spanish white wine (I think it was Albarino) sliced peaches, a little pineapple juice, a little apple juice, and some mint. I don't remember the exact measurements but play with it, it was good.

      1. White cranberry juice or white grape juice are both great for white sangria.

        1. Here is one of the best white sangrias I've ever had. It is served at Jaleo restaurant in Washington, DC and the chef shared the recipe below in an online chat at the Washington Post one day. If you aren't familiar with Liquor 43, it is an herbal, perhaps slightly vanilla, lightly flavored liqueur.

          Jaleo's White Sangria

          - 500 cl. (2/3 of a regular bottle) of 'CAVA'
          sparkling wine from Spain, chilled
          - 2 oz. Liquor 43
          - 2 oz. Brandy
          - 2 oz. White Grape Juice
          - 400 cl. Ice
          - 2-3 Fresh Strawberries
          - 1/2 of a Fresh Peach
          - 3-4 White Grapes
          - 1 bunch of Fresh Mint

          Makes 1 Liter
          - Cut the fruit into bite-size pieces (or smaller)

          - Pour the ice into a 1-liter pitcher (or larger)

          - Slowly pour the chilled 'CAVA' down
          the inside of the pitcher and not directly over
          the ice; we want to keep the bubbles from
          fizzing away

          - Pour the Liquor 43, brandy and white grape
          juice into the pitcher

          - Add the fruit and mint and you are ready
          to go!

          *** My notes -- you can use the proportions above and substitute white wine for the cava and Cointreau for the Liquor 43 for another good white sangria, or get creative using a liqueur you have onhand.

          1. I have the BEST recipe!!!
            Sorry...that may have been a bit overzealous. It's for a white wine citrus sangria and I love it. It's from Michael Chiarello, so I'll post a link...highly recommend it.