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Apr 18, 2006 02:13 PM

Pitcher to withstand boiling water?

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I enjoy making iced tea but can never face the idea of putting the boiling water in my rubbermaid pitcher. So instead I put the hot water and the tea bag in a pot, let it steep and cool off a little before transferring into the pitcher. Works well enough but seems like an unnecessary step. I don't need something designed specifically for iced tea, just a container that can steep the tea and then be put in the fridge.

Or am I crazy and there is no chance the plastic pitcher will melt?


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  1. Take a 2 quart pot and place your tea bags in it - the number you need for your final pitcher of tea. Boil about a quart of water and pour on the bags. Allow to steep for 3 minutes (longer and it "stews"). Remove the tea bags, and allow the liquid to cool. You now have a concentrate that you will put in your pitcher and dilute with the proper amount of water and mix in sugar or lemon juice to your taste.

    1. boiling water will definitely not melt your rubbermaid pitcher. Boiling sugar would, or maybe super hot oil, but but certainly not plain old water. I throw boiling water in my plastic pitcher all the time...

      If you are concerned, you could always just use a glass pitcher. Just make sure you don't throw something very cold in the pitcher directly afterwards.

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        Please don't pour boiling water into a glass pitcher.

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          do it all the time. never had a problem. going hot to cold will do more damage than room temp to boiling.

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            This precisely, based on sad personal experience, the reason I am not allowed to operate a pyrex tea kettle or coffee pot. even though they are so good looking - the vintage ones - I've broken several through rapid water temp. changes. But there is really no reason to make iced tea with a large amount of boiling water. You can just use a small amount of boiling water and make a concentrate in any metal pot you have, then, when it's cooled a bit, transfer into your nice pitcher and dilute to taste with cold water.

      2. I make 1 qt. at a time, usually in the AM to sip on later in the day. I make it in a pyrex 4 C. glass measure. I use Luzianne qt. sized tea bags. I just put the bag in the measuring cup, pour on the boiling water and let it stand until room temperature then discard the bag. The tea is blended not to cloud in the refrigerator but mine never gets in there anyway. When cleaning up after dinner any tea left gets pitched and a new pot made the next AM.

        1. Thanks for the responses--maybe I should just use a regular plastic pitcher.... Candy's pyrex idea is a good one, but I would have to buy a 4-c (I only have the 2-c) and I go through tea slower so I'd have to transfer it to the pitcher. But it still seems like less work that using a pot. Niki--your suggestion is what I already do (sorry if I wasnt clearer!). Any other specific pitcher ideas?

          1. The Quadro glass pitchers are ideal for iced tea. The glass is very thick & the rectangular shape takes up less space. I use them for iced tea, lemonade, etc & have been very happy with them.