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Apr 18, 2006 02:12 PM

Freezing New England clam chowder?

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Good or bad idea? I made a big pot on Saturday and forgot it with all the Easter cooking.
Is it safe to freeze at this point? does it freeze well?

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  1. Here's a strange set of facts for you. When I try to freeze something like a mixed veg. soup with chunks of potato all the veg come out fine except for the potatoes and carrots. They tend to fall apart into something hideous and un-chow-worthy. BUT when I freeze my wonderful potato leek soup, where the potatoes are completely mashed up, it comes out just the perfect consistency. So, my advice would be to see if it would be possible to mash up the potatoes before freezing. Like, could you manually pull out the majority of chunks and mash them and then mix it all up before freezing? Then you would have a very thick clam chowder, but it might taste really good. Or even better, & this would be fool-proof, pull out and discard the potatoes now and freeze what remains, cooking more potatoes separately to add when you resurrect the soup for it's next life. Of course, now someone will insist that cooked potatoes freeze perfectly. Duh'oh! One never knows, do one?

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      HA! well you have given me food for thought, excuse the pun, do I want to fish out the chunks or just smile and serve it tonight in place of day 3's worth of ham dinner??
      Guess what's for dinner? lol
      Well I will use whatever advice I get for next time I cook to much!

    2. Another use I can recommend is reducing some of it and using it as a sauce for fish fillets.

      There is a recipe I have had out of Frank Stitt's Southern Table cookbook that was divine. It was a quickly made clam chowder reduced down to sauce consistency and poured over pan fried flounder. It was great! You could do that with some of it. I want to have that again sometime soon.

      1. I've tried freezing chowder once, but I had shredded the potatoes before I put them in (ok so it's not authentic). The problem I found was that the consistency of the chowder was a little off, possible because of the cream in it? It was a little bit thinner and oiler than before.