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freezing ham

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I have quite a bit of leftover Corrando spiral ham that I baked on Sunday. I have never frozen ham before and wonder if this can be done without the ham becoming watery tasting when defrosted.It is spiral sliced but still intact- if able to freeze would it just be done in large chunks removed from the bone or seperated into slices? Thanks!

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  1. Freeze it in large chunks off the bone: the rule for freezing anything is the less surface area exposed to air, the better. Freeing it from the bone allows you to use the bone for other purposes (like soup or beans...). It freezes fine. Just wrap it tightly in a couple of layers of foil or plastic wrap before bagging it tightly (which is something you should do for any frozen meat and many other frozen things).

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      And defrost in the frig. Do not defrost meat in the microwave unless you want to risk ruining it.

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        I agree completely--Really important to thaw frozen ham in the frig. It will totally change the texture and flavor if you defrost it in any other way.

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        Thank you-another few brunchs,lunchs,etc coming up!

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          Thank you-another few brunchs,lunchs,etc coming up!