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Apr 8, 2006 04:48 PM

This tomato sauce is way too tangy! help!

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i'm making a basic red sauce-- fried up some shallots and garlic, added red wine, then added some cento brand crushed tomato sauce. and yick! it's so tangy and sweet.
i've since thrown in capers, kalamata olives, some porcini mushroom bullion, and lots of pepper, but seem to have initiated a salty and sweet battle that didn't temper the underlying sweet sour tanginess at all.
what do i do from here? i can simmer forever, but wonder if that'll concentrate the badness further. any other suggestions?
thanks for your help

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  1. Try grating a carrot or two into it.

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    1. re: expatslat

      brilliant. thanks. i would never have thought of that, but two grated carrots, plus more salt and more time, totally salvaged things. thank you!

      1. re: freddie

        Glad it worked. It was just a guess; more of a trick from Batali's basic tomato sauce. ;-)

    2. Actually it's the brand of tomatoes you're using. Cento crushed tomatoes IMO tend to be very thick, very acidic, and very tangy right from the start. Experiment with some other brands and I bet your recipes will yield even BETTER results. I recommend Cento crushed tomatoes only if you're making an old-school Italian ragu. I do like Cento's whole tomatoes for most of my recipes.

      1. I had this exact same problem last night. I used a cheaper red wine and acidic tomatoes and it was TOO tangy. My solution? You're not going to believe it - cocoa powder. For a large pot I put in about two huge teaspoons full. Everyone went crazy for it. It was earthy and rich but still definitely a tomato sauce. Not mole tasting at all but something that you just can't name. Took that crazy tang right out of it.

        1. Any chance you're cooking in an aluminum pot? It should say so on the bottom. You need to be cooking tomato sauce in nonreactive pots such as stainless steel, enamel, etc.

          1. I've noticed that using peeled tomatoes cuts down on the acidity (canned whole tomatoes come either w/peel or without).