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Apr 6, 2006 04:02 PM

Queso Fresco In A Pie

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Reed Hearon has a recipe for a pie made with queso fresco. I bought some at a place where it was realllly hard to find among all the "Cheezo-Beezo", "Bacon Cheddar"- type stuff. I didn't use a food processor and just mixed it in with the other ingreds. It was verrrry grainy. It was pretty good anyway, but I was wondering if the queso would smooth out if I processed it. Or if there are quesos that are not as grainy.

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  1. In the Queso Blanco thread there is a link to a site that describes the various Mexican cheeses. Maybe that would help.


    1. Queso Fresco Batido is the creamy version of Queso Fresco.