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Peep Souffle & Meyer lemon Peeps de crème - Favorite Peeps recipe?

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This started to go on the general board after reading how to microwave one of the chocolate Peep eggs to make a Peep souffle.

However, the official Peep website has a recipe for a colorful Peep fondue and a lovely 'Peeps in a nest' cake that even I could make buying an angel food cake, canned frosting and, of course, Peeps.

While looking at Peep Facts (32 calories per Peep), there was a mention that Peep fans even made Peep pizza. So I googled 'Peep recipes"

Well, my goodness. Some ideas

- peep s'mores
- peep-a-boo puffs
- sweet potato cassarole with peeps
- rice krispy peeps
- peeps ambrosia
- baked peeps
- fried peeps
- poached peeps
- grilled peeps
- crunchy peep salad (involves cabbage and ramen)
- peep cornbread
- peep smoothies
- peeps on the lawn dessert salad
- pepper & peeps stir fry
- peeps and sour sauce (well, most sweet & sour isn't that good anyway, why not?)
- Blue Peep Pie (involves Curacao ... introduce kids to liquor)
- Peep Waldorf Salad (more bunnies and booze)
- Martha Stewart’s home-made peeps (Martha, Martha … they ARE cute tho)
- Peeps marinated in soy or teriyaki sauce and broiled (so wrong)
- Peepuccino – Peep dissolved in coffee
- Peep on chocolate bar on graham cracker, microwave 20 seconds, top with 2nd graham cracker
- Meyer lemon peeps de crème

That last one actually is really good looking and charming

This site has links to most of the more popular peep recipes:


This site has its own unique recipes with pictures and is divided into
- selecting your peeps
- basic cooking (how to poach with pictures
)- salads & sides
- main dishes


Today's SF Cronicle suggested making a Peeps ‘souffle’ out of a the Peep in a chocolate egg as follows:

" ... crack the egg in half lengthwise, leave the Peep in the bottom half of the shell and re-cover it loosely with the top. In a microwave-safe bowl, heat the egg on high for 20 seconds and watch it hatch into a fluffy marshmallow-chocolate souffle."

I guess I'm never going to grow up no matter how old I get because I so want to do this now.

I never did the classic Peep in a microwave because ... well, I'd personally have to clean it up. However, the hint to get around this is to spray a piece of waxed paper with pam and place on a plate ... or as someone said ... the 4 P's ... plate, paper, pam, peep. Less of a mess unless the peep explodes. I read this doesn't happen often.

There is a new peep in egg in addition to last year's yellow peep in milk chocolate egg. This year it is a pink peep in a crispy shell.

The Wikipedia link below has a link to the Official Peeps website which is REALLY slow, but has recipes with nice pictures of the Peep fonude and Peeps in a nest cake.

You can also vote for then next peep color. Red seems so wrong. I voted for green.

There's also a great article by Salon inside the Peep factory. One of the ads on the Salon page says "Weep for a Peep? Whine with wine!"

It is just a link to Wine.com. I was so let down. I was hoping for a wine pairing with my Peep. I'll just go with a classic prosecco.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peeps

Image: http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/images/p...

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  1. Um... do people actually EAT peeps?

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    1. re: piccola

      Yes, indeed. Perhaps you haven't properly aged your peep.

      In fact, I posted too soon. There is a peep/wine pairing.

      It seems that the same wines that go with peeps are an excellent match with jelly beans. The link below has Easter candy wine pairings (so usful for introducing the children to wine).

      Here's the summary:


      " ... its intense rose notes, which will pair perfectly with the chocolate, while the zip that remains in a well-made true Ice Wine will keep the whole pairing from getting too sweet or cloying"

      Heiss Traminer Ice Wine 2001
      Heiss Traminer Ice Wine 2002


      " ... it’s the big aromatics in play here that will pair wonderfully with the subtle flavors and sweetness of the marshmallow"

      Pasler Muscat-Ottonel Trockenbeerenauslese 2002
      Velich Muscat-Ottonel Beerenauslese 2001
      Feiler-Artinger Traminer Beerenauslese 2002
      Feiler-Artinger Muscat-Ottonel Spatlese 2003

      The details are in the link below. Scroll down.

      Link: http://www.winemonger.com/catalog/win...

    2. A simply wonderful post.

      I'll never grow up either, because I'm buying chocolate eggs and peeps as soon as possible.

      Thanks for the info.

      1. m
        Michele Cindy

        Just had an idea to bring these over the top! Sprinkle the soufles with fresh coconut flakes! Can't wait to try it. Where do you get the chocolate eggs? I'm not sure I have ever seen them before.

        1. k

          Martha's homemade peeps completely did me in. Artisinal peeps rather defeat the purpose, don't they?

          1. I haven't tried this myself, yet, but I've heard that roasting a peep like you would a marshmallow produces a peep creme brulee.

            1. generally I consider peeps to be a blight on humanity in general.

              but, in the spirit of easter.. I thought I'd pass this along to those of you who like peeps. you can join the peeps fan club at marshmallowpeeps.com, get lots of recipes...

              and read the their monthly update... yes, you guessed it.. its the newspeeper.

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              1. re: withalonge

                >>> generally I consider peeps to be a blight on humanity in general.<<<

                There are actually peep hate sites. So you might consider the comment from one site that said that if there is some sort of major catastrophe on earth, the only indestructible things that will survive will be cockroaches ... eating peeps.

                I found out that this year there are actually red peeps ... but only sold at Target which had them custom-colored (for those without Target stores, the colors of the store are red & white).

                Someone said they looked like angry peeps ... the revenge of the peeps and it scared them.

                I can't stand it anymore. I'm off to buy red peeps at Target and one of those chocolate peep eggs.

                1. re: rworange

                  I prefer peeps science webpage.. http://www.peepresearch.org/

                  my sister and I mail a old stale box of peeps back and forth as a joke.. we've done it for years. I don't understand people who actually eat those things, but I have learned to accept such things.

                  1. re: rworange
                    Frosty Melon

                    "The revenge of the peeps"...classic.

                2. Of course anyone with an ounce of brain power didn't need to go to Target and nuke the "peep in egg" to to come to that conclusion.

                  My suggestion is that if anyone does feel the compulsion to do this, only use half the chocolate egg.

                  The first peep I followed the instructions ... cut egg in half ... replace top ... microwave.

                  The peep lifted the chocolate top, and yellow peep bubbled out of the side.

                  The problem was that the egg is cheap chocolate and didn't melt that much. After a minute, the chocolate was soft enough to mix together with the peep, but too, too sweet ... tossed after a taste.

                  The other peep I left in an uncovered chocolate egg half. Unlike packaged peeps, the peep in egg is totally covered in sugar. There's no white marshmallow side.

                  As a result, the peep blows up inside the egg to the perfect chicken shape, instead of a shapeless blob. Worth the entertainment value, but I still tossed the result because taste-wise ... ick.

                  IMO, the new crispy peep egg is slightly tastier than the plain milk chocolate ... slightly.

                  The peepuccino (peep in a cup of hot coffee) makes the coffee a little sugary, but melts rather unattractivley. I went for the designer Target red peep which dyes fingers and anything else it comes in contact with bright red.

                  It melted, but into a red blob on top of the coffee. All that was left was the indestructable peep eye staring accusingly at me from the coffee cup.

                  While I find I still like peeps au natural, I was distressed to find that my tastes have moved beyond the Cadbury Egg ... usually the only Easter candy I indulge in.

                  Cadbury had mini eggs this year. I was thrilled. I could have my Cadbury egg without the calorie hit. Only 50 calories per egg.

                  Way too sweet. Took a bite of this and tossed it too. The mini-egg is mainly yellow yolk with a tiny bit of white.

                  OK, I'm over it.

                  Link: http://redness.textamerica.com/?r=221...

                  1. Make your favorite waffle batter. Mine is the yeasted waffles from "The Breakfast Book."

                    Heat the NON-STICK waffle iron, pour in the batter. Center a bunny-shaped peep in the batter. Close lid. When waffle is done, if all goes well, there will be a bunny-shaped, sugar-coated hole in the middle of your waffle. This will entertain children and adults alike.

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                    1. re: Snackish

                      Some fresh peep news for 2007. From Chow it seems Wham-O has a make your own peeps kit.

                      Also a few other peeps recipes and marshmallow recipes. So maybe the two concepts could be combined and you could make chocolate covered beet peeps.

                      Ok, seriously using the chocolate marshmallow recipe to make a peep might give the Easter bunny some competition. I sort of do like the idea of say home-made mint marshmallow peeps ... maybe even covered in chocolate.

                      1. re: Nyleve

                        I love this post as well, I haven't ever eaten a peep, but I buy them every Easter nonetheless. I did spot some red ones and thought they were cute, but I do the love the one in the Pots de creme, gave me a good idea! Thank you rworange!

                        1. re: Nyleve

                          I think the theory ... "pack behavior ... serves as a natural protection against predators." is correct.

                          If you buy the peep in the chocolate egg, it is an 'only peep' and not conjoined. The chocolate shell acting as protection from predators ... however, sadly, once the egg is cracked open, the defenseless peep is promptly devoured. The nice thing about these single peeps is that there are no surgery scars and in the microwave you get one big puffy perfectly-shaped chicken.

                        2. I've read something about peeps sparring. You get two peeps and put toothpicks in each mouth. Put near each other, facing each other and put in microwave. Watch and they'll supposedly spar. I've never tried it but have seen marshmallows in the microwave so it could be interesting.