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Apr 5, 2006 09:05 PM

best knife for chopping chicken

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Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a good knife for chopping a whole raw chicken? Just looking for alternatives. My dad uses a Chinese cleaver, I use a 10" wustof chefs knife currently.


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  1. Cleaver's good, chef's knife is good. I tend to use a combo of my little 4" carbon-steel Sabatier, wicked sharp, and the big heavy poultry shears. The shears are perfect for cutting out the backbone, while the Sabatier is a wizard at knowing where the joints are and finding the path of least resistance longitudinally through the rib cage. If I want to chop the wishbone end off the breast assembly, I usually bring in something heavier. While I do have an actual cleaver, my favorite Chinese knife is a cheap rectangular-blade medium-weight job with a round wood handle.

    1. After my beloved husband turned my well-honed chef's knife into one with a serrated blade chopping chicken (yes, he's still alive, but the knife sharpener shop still laughs about it) I bought a Lamson Sharp meat cleaver ~ $35 from - although you should be able to find the brand every where. It's heavy, lethal, and really does the job. We chop chicken every night - our dogs are partly on the BARF diet (biologically appropriate raw foods.

      1. I used to use a monster cleaver and a Chinese cleaver, but my aim was never good enough when I swung hard. I recently got the Wustof Kitchen Shears (which Cooks Illustrated picked as best) and haven't looked back. They're more than strong enough to cut up a chicken as long as you go through the leg joints.


        1. Thanks for the responses! I had forgotten about the kitchen shears option!