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Apr 5, 2006 03:11 PM

Interesting things to do with danish pastry dough?

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I've been on a Nigella Lawson food processor danish pastry kick for the past few months. Instead of making little individual pastries, I usually make long strudelly filled rolls, and then glaze them. I've done cherry, strawberry, chocolate, and poached apricot. All of them turned out fabulously.

Anyway, I was wondering about other fun possibilities for the dough, such as- what happes if you layer it a few more times into a loaf? Would it rise and bake correctly? Can I make simple cheating croissants? Would the dough make a nice flat savoury pie or galette base? I think most herbs, ham, gruyere, etc. would be nice.

Give me ideas, suggestions, and tips. Has anyone else experimented with danish dough? Thanks!

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  1. Make bread pudding with any leftover slightly stale danish? I usually add pears to my bread pudding, but have also used apples, peaches so the fruit in the danish would be great. I would just watch the sugar I add, cut back so the bread pudding won't be too sweet.