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Apr 4, 2006 11:23 AM

How far in advance can lasagna be assembled?

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Hey all,
This Sunday my husband and I are hosting Easter Dinner (a week early-my parents are visiting from out of state). We want to make a lasagna but we were thinking about assembeling it earlier and then baking it on Sunday. I use the no-boil pasta if that matters. We have the sauce ready to go-I'm just wondering if we make it on Wednesday would the quality suffer by it sitting around for a few days. Thanks in advance!

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    Das Ubergeek

    I would say you could assemble it Friday, bake it Saturday and reheat it Sunday -- lasagna is ALWAYS better reheated. You might even be able to swing Thursday, but Wednesday? I dunno... stuff starts to grow.

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      La Dolce Vita

      I usually make mine serveral days in advance, and freeze it. I bake it from frozen (which takes longer), but it has always turned out very well.

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      1. re: La Dolce Vita
        Kelly Migliaccio

        How long does it usually take if you bake it frozen? I've froze it before, but always defrosted it before baking and I think that makes it watery so I wanted to avoid that.

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          definitely don't defrost it before baking. i would add at least an extra half hour to the baking time because it is frozen. i always make 2 lasagnas - one to eat immediately, the other to freeze.

          1. re: Kelly Migliaccio
            La Dolce Vita

            I would say that it's going to take twice as long to cook from frozen. Don't defrost it first. And, make sure you watch it carefully so that the top isn't browning too much before the rest of it is cooked--that's where covering it with foil comes in handy.

            I usually assemble my lasagna, bake it, and then freeze it. When I'm ready to serve it, it's just a matter of reheating it from frozen, without worrying about cooking it. I think reheated lasagna tastes better because the flavors have had a chance to mingle. If the lasagna is ready before I'm ready to serve it, I hold it on a low temperature (140 degrees) until I'm ready to serve.

            Good luck!

        2. For what its worth, you don't have to use the no boil pasta. I just use regular pasta and don't bother cooking it because it always cooks in the sauce and cheeses.

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          1. re: BlueHerons

            That was going to be my next question; I seem to recall someone telling me that one time...But then, why all the big deal about no-boil sheets?

            1. re: galleygirl
              Caitlin McGrath

              I have no idea about the big deal about no-boil noodles...but I've been making lasagna with regular, uncooked noodles since long before no-boil noodles were available. You just need to make sure you use a fair amount of sauce when you assemble your lasagna, so the noodles have enough liquid to soften up in, and when using uncooked noodles, it's actually beneficial to put it together and refrigerate for from a few hours to overnight before cooking.

          2. My wife's grandmother used to tell her that fish like guest start to smell after three days...i feel the same way about your question. You should be able to assemble a pan of lasagna in 30 minutes (especially if using no-boils) so I would wake up 30 minutes earier on Sunday or make saturday and fridge it. I agree that the second day lasagna is better.

            1. I would have all the ingredients ready the night before and assemble that morning. Shouldn't take more than 15 minutes that way and you avoid the risk of a watery lasagne that sometimes comes with freezing. I like mine best the day it's cooked.