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Mar 19, 2004 09:51 PM

Oriental Store – Filipino in Vallejo

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This tidy and compact Filipino grocer tucked into the corner of the mall next to Princess Garden added a steam table about six months ago. The owners and cooks are Pampangan, and their style of food has a bit more finesse and detail. In addition, the offerings include a number of Chinese pastries (e.g., pork buns, egg custard tarts, steamed sweet rice cakes, siu mai).

A rice plate with two choices from the steam table is $3.99. I liked both my selections. Guisado Upo is a sauté of upo squash, actually more like braised until soft and seasoned with a bit of fatty pork and small shrimp. Binagoongan is a pink-tinged stew of chunks of pork belly and spareribs with shrimp paste. I also bought some hot peanuts boiled with a bit of salt for 75¢ a pound.

Oriental Store
956 Admiral Callaghan


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  1. Melanie,
    I agree with you, especially about the hot penuts. Just for your information this is a new success for peanuts hunting: there's fresh homecooking peanuts vendor (they ship(415)2558724) which's so excellent. They covered the peanuts with flours, a bit spicy, tasty and very crisp. For 1 bag 500gr for 3$, it's worth to try.