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Best use for day-old French bread?

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I have a loaf of French bread that didn't get used at a party last night. I know I could make bread pudding, but I made that for the party (and ate myself practically sick on it!), and so I'm looking for something else. Any ideas? If not, then please post your BEST bread pudding recipe. The one I made last night was a Caramel-Apple version that was quite good...but quite sweet. Next time I'm going to add tart dried cherries to balance it out.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. French toast

    1. "garlic bread"; I slice it, brush with olive oil, toast it under the broiler, then rub a cut piece of garlic all over it, both sides.

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        I second the garlic bread idea- another recipe for garlice bread:

        Stick of room temp butter
        fresh minced garlic
        grated cheese to taste

        Mix all together, and spread on french bread. Top with a bit of olive, and bake until brown and crusty.

      2. Panzanella.

        1. Croutons.

          Either slices (great for soups) or cubes. If you want to season them, heat up some olive oil (which you can cut with a neutral oil, like grapeseed or safflower), add some sliced garlic cloves, then after they turn gold, remove from heat, remove the garlic and toss in herbs of your choice (dried or fresh). Brush or toss with the flavored oil, and spread on a jelly roll pan in a preheated 350F until they start to brown. Let cool completely.

          Good bread should never be wasted: its purpose in life for most of history was in fact to be used stale, NOT fresh. (People had to learn the discipline of not eating it fresh, as it had many more uses stale.)

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            Fois gras fan

            Make bread crumbs, mix them with a beaten egg and 6 oz. of blue cheese. Spread the cheese mixture on rolled out meatloaf mix, roll up like a jelly roll into a loaf pan. Bake at 350 for an hour, let cool and slice into thick slices. Enjoy!

            1. bread salad to go with roast zuni chicken

              1. A breakfast strata with italian sausage, cheese and veggies if you want something savory, or the creme brulee french toast recipe from epicurious if you want something sweet.

                1. Bread pudding or French toast, OR a French toast bread pudding.

                  1. Soup (French Onion, Spanish Garlic, Italian Bread)
                    Bread Crumbs
                    French Toast

                    1. French bread pizza! Hollow out the inside part and put sauce, cheese and toppings.

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                        You know, that was the 2nd thing that crossed my mind after the bread pudding idea. My kids had pizza last night though...but I'll still think about it. :)

                      2. bread pudding! rip into bite sized chunks. chop up a little chocolate. grab a few handfuls of dried cherries. throw in a handful of slivered almonds. mix it all together. beat some eggs and milk and sugar and vanilla and pour over the rest. bake at 350 until brown and crispy at the edges. mmmmmmmm.

                        1. Panzanella: so easy to make! Cube the bread, toss with diced fresh or canned tomatoes, some herbs, & 1 or 2 finely chopped cloves of garlic & some olive oil.

                          or cube it, toast it, and use it to dip in cheese fondue.

                          1. you could make bread crumbs and put them in the freezer

                            or a savory bread pudding
                            carmelized onion, chard or spinach cooked in garlic, broth, gruyere, stale bread, olive oil, s+p . . . bake until puffy and crisp on top
                            there was a thread here...recipe is in Zuni

                            1. I'm kind of late to the party here, but how about bread soup. I made a Mario recipe (from the food network site) that was really good and simple too. Amazing how much flavor and texture the bread added to the soup.

                              1. I actually prefer the vintage french or Italian type bread to the softer model that crushes when you try to slice it thin. Garlic bread is a staple at our home. I buy a loaf and cut it into lengths suitable for one meal. Then I place each section in a plastic bag and freeze them for future use. I keep a container of lots of minced garlic in olive oil in the fridge at all times, for many uses. In this way I can always have garlic bread as an option.

                                1. Thanks so much for all of the suggestions...really helped me get my wheels turning; for some reason my brain went blank when staring at that loaf of bread! Anyway, I've decided to make a recipe I've made many times called Festival Anitpasto Bread (from the Gilroy Garlic Festival, probably) -- lots of garlic, spinach, artichoke hearts, cheese. Yum. Thanks again...I can alway rely on fellow Chowhounds to help me out!

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                                    Just in closing, I remembered of one of my all-time fave things to eat. It's an open faced meatball sand. baked in the toast-r-oven. Slice the French bread, spread on some garlic butter or garlic oil, if you have it. If not, spread on some tomato sauce. Cut some meatballs in half (TJ's frozen "party/cocktail size" are my favorites). Lay them on the sauce and top with more sauce and some sliced fresh mozzarella (also TJ's) and some parm that you grated yourself. Bake 375 - 15 minutes.

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                                      YUM! Great idea! Next time for sure. My house is now wreaking of garlic and I love it (this recipe uses 10 large cloves, chopped, then sauteed in butter and EVOO.)


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                                      sounds scruptious! - please post recipe when you get a chance.
                                      thanks :)

                                    3. On that baked meatball sand. - it's the absolute best if you fry or include in the sauce thin sliced red and green bells peps. - well cooked. Heavenly!

                                      1. Traditionally in France leftover French bread is made into Pain Perdu aka French toast.

                                        Slice your bread into thick slices. Dip into egg and milk mixture ( I add a little sugar and cinnamon and orange or lemon rind) . Pan fry in butter until golden brown. Keep warm in oven until all the slices are finished. Serve warm with raspberry or strawberry jam, or just sprinkled with sugar.