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Mar 28, 2006 11:23 AM

Steel Cut Oats in Meatloaf

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Is it possible to use steel cut oats in meatloaf? I've never tried it but can envision soaking the steel cut oats in water and then placing them in the meatloaf but I'm not sure how this would taste. Undoubtedly the steel cut oats would make the meatloaf have more texture but has anyone tried it? Got any tips or a fool proof recipe?

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  1. I couldn't begin to tell you proportions because I haven't made meatloaf for a while (I think my recipe is highly doctored Betty Crocker) but I know that I've used oats in my meatloaf and really liked them. I soak them first in whatever liquid I'm using (sometimes milk, sometimes tomato juice, depending on mood and state of pantry) until they're soft. They'll give you more chew to your meatloaf than breadcrumbs, but that's not a bad thing.