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Mar 27, 2006 08:44 AM

Need dinner idea to bring to family with new baby

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Our neighbors just had their second baby and I'd like to bring them dinner this week. I'm drawing a blank besides lasagna, which I'm not really in the mood to make.

They don't have any dietary restrictions, but I'd love to bring them something I can put together fairly quickly and that they can reaheat when they want to eat (that day or the next day).

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. funny i was thinking eggplant parmesan, lasagne, or baked ziti, since they keep so well and taste even better after sitting a while.

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      Pâté chinois

      How about a chicken pot pie?
      You can put puff pastry on top only (the bottom crust tends to become soggy, which is not very nice) and make a rich béchamel in which you put lots of veggies (frozen will work in a pinch) and nice big chunks of chicken (you can use rotisserie chicken from the supermarket).
      I'm sure the new parents will really appreciate having a nice home cooked meal. Very generous and thoughtful of you!


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        I've done chicken pot pie for people with new babies in the past and they love it! Here is a really easy recipe!

      2. I usually make a big batch of fried rice. Easy to heat up and easy to eat with one hand... important when you have a new baby in the other!

        1. I once made a gift basket of soups, which were able to be frozen (chicken veggie, tomato, split pea) and a tin of macaroni and cheese, along with some cookies. The receiving party was extremely grateful.

          1. Comfort foods! I liked mac & cheese, pot roast, and someone mentioned chicken pot pie--very comforting foods.

            Cut fruit that she can grab and nibble on is VERY helpful. Also, pick-me-up snacks like brownies and cookies, and don't forget beverages (w/o caffeine) like sparkling fruit juices, etc.

            Note: Be careful of garlic/spicy foods if the mother is nursing (certain vegs are out when nursing, ie; broccoli).