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Mar 26, 2006 05:28 PM

Yellow turnip the same as rutabaga?

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My Lydie Marshall soup book has a recipe that calls for "one (1) yellow turnip (about 3 pounds)." I can't find anything like that in my market. All the turnips are smallish, white and purple things. In the introduction to the recipe, she says, "Yellow turnips or rutabagas are a big mystery to me. . . . Rutabagas as not overly loved in the States either, and it's a pity--they are a wonderful vegetable. The yellow turnips are generally waxed to prevent dehydration, making them difficult to peel. . . ." From this, I gather that rutabagas are yellow turnips, but one of my produce providers said that he had rutabagas, but no yellow turnips. Clarification, anyone?

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  1. The answer to the subject of you post is YES. As you point out from the correct horticultural standpoint, turnips are purple and white, but there are areas of the USA that call rutabagas yellow turnips. (Rutabagas are actually a cross between a turnip and cabbage.)

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      Thank you! Now I can proceed. I just hope that if I can't find a three-pound rutabaga, an equivalent number of little ones will suffice.