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Mar 21, 2006 09:57 PM

Best way to keep cookies fresh?

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Here in a few weeks, I will be making some iced sugar cookies and then taking a road trip so they won't be eaten until three days after they are baked. Is there any better way to keep them fresh than just putting them in a Rubbermaid container? Is there perhaps a better container on the market that I don't know about?

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  1. Not in your guidelines, but it would be best if you could make the dough, roll it into logs, and chill it. Then bake on the other end. Icing on the back end could also help -- at least in appearance.

    Skipping that, air and heat are the enemies, so Rubbermaid is as good as any airtight container. I suppose choosing a container that has little extra room would help a bit. A vaccuum container would reduce air, but could also hurt the finished product.

    1. an airtight container is the best you can do. and this may seem elementary, but of course you must make sure they're completely cool before you store them that way!

      1. Most sugar cookies keep keep unusually well, one of the reasons they're so ubiquitous at Christmas. A lot depends on your icing, which may soften a crisp cookie. Storing in a air-tight container--any air-tight container--is definitely the way to go. But I'd also layer them with waxed paper both to protect the icing and to keep the icing from touching the cookies on the layer above.

        1. My mom always used to throw a slice of bread into the container with the cookies and it always kept them fresh.

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            Do you know if your mom stored all cookies with bread or only some of them? As I learned from Harold McGee, bread stales because of the loss of moisture from the starch molecules. Crisp cookies absorb moisture from the air and soften; soft cookies lose moisture to it and dry out. I would think that putting a slice of bread in with the cookies would transfer moisture from the bread to the cookies helping to keep them chewy and moist. Good for some cookies, but not for ones you'd want to keep crisp.

            1. re: JoanN

              I agree; however, we were strictly a softy and chewy cookie family. It wasn't until much later in life that I found out that some people actually prefer crisp cookies!
              She put bread in with all cookies!