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leftover duck

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I'm roasting some duck and I know I will have some leftover meat. Any ideas? Maybe a pasta dish? No fruit stuff please.

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  1. I really love upscale quesadillas made with shredded duck. Particularly good with mexican flavors like mole and queso anejo. Serve with beans, rice and either pickled or caramelized onions and you have a nice meal. A similar style enchilada might be nice also.
    Good with red-wine braised lentils on crostini as a starter (I have a recipe for this one if you'd like).
    My other solution for all leftovers is risotto. In this case, an earthy chantrelle mushroom risotto might pair nicely.
    If you're in the asian mood, or don't have a ton left, duck fried rice is great.
    That's all that comes to mind for now...

    1. I was beat to the punch, but one of the better duck dishes I've had was Duck Quesadillas at Frontera Grill in Chicago. If you like Mexican-influenced food, go for it.


      Link: http://www.nolafoodie.com

      1. Diced cold duck over an arugula salad with a miso dressing. Yum.

        1. Strip all the meat off the carcass, then chop the bones and make a duck stock. Strain the stock, season it with a little soy sauce, salt and pepper. Slice and blanch some bok choy or nappa cabbage. Add it to the stock with the left-over duck meat and some sliced green onions and simmer until the cabbage is tender.

          This is a simple and satisfying next-day use for leftover duck that I always look forward to after a roast duck dinner.

          1. Strip the meat from the carcass and throw it in the blender. Add a little drippings and grind until you have a thick-ish paste. Season to your taste.

            We like to have this for a snack, spread on toast. A nice glass of wine is good with it.

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              Jess, You can also grind duck with onions and the seasonings of your choice and use the paste to make terrific duck won tons. (Great with plum sauce.) The guesadillas are a fine option as well.

            2. I would make/buy some chesnut ravioli and toss it with the duck.

              1. Duck hash w/ apple, onion, potato, and duck meat, garnished with crisped-up strips of the skin.

                1. Risotto with winter squash and shredded duck.

                  1. how about with a pumpkin sage gnochhi (fried in duck fat of course!)

                    1. Wolfgang Puck use to have a duck pizza that was wonderful. Think that would be an excellent use for leftover duck.

                      1. Pick the meat off, then throw the carcass in a pot with a quart of water and 1 c rice. Cook for a couple of hours. Fish out the carcass. Jook--garnish with finely slivered fresh ginger and green onions plus the reserved meat. Yum-my-Yum.

                        1. If you plan on entertaining for the holidays, you can make mini duck spring rolls and freeze them. Serve with a plum sauce dip.

                          1. My mom usually serves all these poultry leftover meat (squab, chicken, duck, quail, etc) by dicing it into small pieces and stir fry it with onion or any veggies you like (but must be diced small!). Then when you eat it you scoop some of the stir fried meat on a lettuce leaf and wrap it up and eat it (or just eat it like a taco~). Sometimes she also puts pine nuts into the mix. Hot sauce or condiments optional!

                            This is actually a spin of a classic Chinese dish that uses mainly squab as the meat.

                            1. make spring rolls with the shreds -- they freeze wonderfully. also serve the meat warm over hashed browns and top it with a poached egg.

                              1. Here's a BIG favorite of my own around here:

                                Breezy Stir-Fried Chili Garlic Duck
                                (adapted from Eating Well magazine)

                                One to 3 cups leftover roast duck (or goose), shredded or cut into small bite-size pieces
                                3-4 cloves garlic, peeled & chopped
                                2 tablespoons (or approx. a 2” piece) fresh ginger, peeled & grated or minced
                                Approx. 2-3 cups small broccoli florets (blanched lightly if fresh rather than frozen)
                                2-3 stalks of bok choy, sliced
                                Approx. 6-8 oz. fresh shitake mushrooms, stemmed & sliced
                                Approx. 3 tablespoons peanut or vegetable oil
                                2 tablespoons Asian chili garlic sauce
                                2 tablespoons water
                                3 tablespoons dry sherry
                                2 tablespoons soy sauce
                                2 teaspoons cornstarch
                                2 tablespoons rice vinegar (or “sushi” vinegar)

                                Thoroughly combine chili garlic sauce, water, dry sherry, soy sauce, cornstarch, & rice vinegar in a small bowl & set aside.

                                Heat oil in a wok or large skillet until shimmering hot, but not smoking. Add broccoli & bok choy, stirring & tossing constantly until color is bright & vegetables are just starting to get tender. Add garlic, ginger, & mushrooms & continue stirfrying for a couple of minutes. Give sauce ingredients a brief stir before adding to the hot pan, along with the duck. Continue cooking until everything is heated through. Serve over Jasmine rice.

                                Makes approximately 2-3 servings; 4 or more if served with other dishes.

                                1. Another favorite idea? Make a luscious French Cassoulet, in which leftover duck (or goose) is an integral ingredient. In fact, our traditional New Year's Day dish is French Cassoulet made with the leftover Xmas roast goose.

                                  1. I had to chuckle when I saw this post. Leftover duck? I should be so lucky. The few times we have it at home, I always wish there was more, but there never is!

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                                      Well, here it's just the two of us, so after roasting, rather than carving, I just cut the duck into quarters. We enjoy one quarter apiece for the first meal, & then either enjoy the other two reheated for another meal, or I use the meat for a stirfry or some other dish.

                                    2. Duck hash. With duck eggs and chorizo served on top.