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Mar 17, 2006 06:39 AM

Cupcakes a la Babycakes

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I've never tasted a Babycake cupcake, but they were rated as the best cupcake in NYC per NY Mag's current "Best Of" issue.
I have been reducing the amount in gluten and refined sugar in our home diets for numerous reasons, and am interested in baking along the lines of Babycakes. i.e. gluten, sugar and dairy free - I believe she uses chickpea flour, which is very low on the glycemic index. I already use agave nectar and coconut oil to a large degree. Anyone have a good resource, or has the owner of Babycakes published any available recipes?

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  1. This month's food and wine publishes a number of her recipes, including a banana bread, a muffin, and a scone recipe.

    I would be interested in hearing more about what you've made with agave nectar.

    1. I went to babycakes on a recent trip to NYC, and they were fabulous. I eat gluten free and avoid refined sugars so they were a blessing, finally i could eat cake! However i do know that she does use sugar in the cupcakes, just that it is organic, so they are not completly sugar free, only refined sugar free.

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        They are agave sweetened-which enters your blood stream at a very very low rate.

      2. I believe that I saw the owner of Babycakes making her goods on the Martha Stewart Show within the last 6 months. Myabe you could find the recipe on the show's website.

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          I just posted about Babycakes on another board! They do have the best cupcake I've ever tasted in NYC. You should try walking into the store and asking whoever is there about the recipes aside from the other suggestions. They're super nice, so I'm sure they'd, at least guide you to where you can find some recipes.