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Mar 15, 2006 03:01 PM

Rotisserie Ideas

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I just bought a new barbeque and decided to buy a rotisserie for it. Anyone have any recipes and ideas of what I should cook using the new rotisserie?

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    Hungry Celeste

    Steven Raichlen's "Beer Can Chicken" cookbook has a host of whole-chicken recipes designed for beer-can cooking, but virtually all are appropriate for rotisseries, too. The recipes list a variety of interesting rubs & basting current favorite is a green tea ginger rub.

    1. p
      Professor Salt

      If I were in your shoes, I'd roast some whole chickens (cheap, delicious) until I've worked up the learning curve. Then, I'd stack lamb chops on it and roast them over high heat to make sharwarma. Slice the charry meat off as the spit turns & serve w/ tahini sauce & hot chili sauce like harissa, wrapped in a fresh pita.

      The Mexican pork chop equivalent is called al pastor, and makes awesome tacos.

      As I gained expertise, I'd roast a prime rib for the holidays.

      1. I agree with professor salt - chickens were made for rotisserie. For the most basic, just fill the cavity with a sprig or to of rosemary, a slice or two of lemon and a quarter of an onion. Tie the bird down, salt and pepper, and let her go. The natural fat and juice from the lemon will baste it as it goes. You can also get creative - as you would with any grilled bird... jerk chicken, spice-rubbed chicken, etc.

        Other ideas... leg of lamb is good in rotisserie. Someone a few inches down posted about doing a leg of lamb in one of those little indoor rotisseries. Prime Rib is great. Pork loin is another great one to do on rotisserie. I brine it beforehand and just make sure you don't over cook it at all. A good therm to periodically check will be key on that one.

        Lots of choices - you'll love your rotisserie.