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Passover Recipes

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I'm hosting my first seder this year, and would love to collect some great recipes.... what are your favorites for passover? THANKS!

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  1. What part of the passover seder are you looking for. You might get more responses if you specify a little. I have my tried and true family recipes passed down through the generations, but there are too many to list...what are you looking for specifically.
    Gefilte fish, kugel, matzo ball soup, haroset...etc.

    1. I think I have just about every Jewish cookbook on the planet and my all time favorite is Joan Nathan's Holiday cookbook. Well tested recipes and a great mix of super traditional dishes and ones with a more contemporary spin. The gefilte terrine is a great favorite and super easy to prepare. The New York Times has a specific Passover cookbook but it doesn't do much for me. There's another cookbook by Jeffrey Nathan (no relation to Joan) which has great Jewish recipes but I don't think that there are a large amount of specifically Passover ones. And, I don't remember the exact name of it I'm afraid.

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        I'll second the rec of the Joan Nathan cookbook. It has never let me down.

      2. For Passover desserts and other KFP baked goods, check out "A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking" by Marcy Goldman. It has the widest range of Passover cakes, cookies, snacks, etc. I've seen, and everything I've tried has been wonderful.

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          Agree, Marcy Goldman cookbook is very good too. She has a recipe for a simple carmelized matzah treat which my kids beg for year round.

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            Yes, that stuff is incredible. My non-Jewish friends look forward to Passover because they know they'll get some from me.

        2. For dessert this year, I'm going to have mixed macerated berries, and cookies made out of almonds, eggs and sugar- very simple to make and they keep well. Let me know if you're interested in the recipe.
          For entrees, I'm probably going to make pepper steak in advance and freeze. I'm still not sure about what to make for the chicken dish.

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            Marion Morgenthal

            I'd love the recipe for the almond cookies.

            I've made potato kugelettes--basically any potato kugel recipe made in mini-muffin tins. Bake them ahead and just warm to serve--much less gloppy than potato kugel and easy to handle. They have a much higher crispy to middle ratio than a kugel, and they always disappear.

            I have a couple of standard chicken recipes for Passover, but neither of them would be great for a seder, when you aren't in attendance in the kitchen for a while before you eat (at least the way our seders run). But, they are good for sometime during the week. One is Chicken Pizzuta http://busycooks.about.com/od/wholech..., and the other is chicken pieces dipped in egg and rolled in crushed potato chips, then baked (a real crowd pleaser in my house).

            For dessert, I've made macaroons (very simple--I think I got the recipe here last year, and can re-post). I've also made a chocolate mousse torte (recipe from the NY Times many years ago)--you make the mousse, then bake half of it, which creates a cakey pie shell, and fill with the unbaked half. Very decadent. I've also made Chocolate Souffle Cake and a very similar recipe, Chocolate Meringue Cake from the following site http://holidays.bfn.org/passover/#rec.... Both were very good--i can't remember which I liked better. I really hate the taste of cakes made with cake meal, so these were very pleasant. One more that is now a staple is an apricot almond cake that was posted here http://www.chowhound.com/boards/gener....

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              Love the idea of cooking the kugel in the muffin tins!
              As for a great chicken recipe, I usually do the Silver Palate one with apricots and currants. Everyone always loves it, and the leftovers usually go quickly, too. I do a brisket in addition to the chicken. Both can be made ahead, and then just heated through before serving. Another fave on my passover table is roasted vegetables. Again, easy to do ahead, and all the shapes and colors look beautiful.

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                Can you possibly paraphrase that chicken with apricots and currants recipe? Or alternately, does someone have something similar that you can post? It would be greatly appreciated!

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                  I don't have it with me at work, but there is an excellent chicken with apricots and currants in Silver Palate Good Times (possibly the one discussed here).

                  I just did a search and found this which seems to be the recipe


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                    Yes, KeriT and Missyme, that's the recipe. I often just use chicken thighs and breastpieces. In fact, I usually buy the skinless ones, and although they don't have that nice crispy (and fatty) skin, the flavors meld very well with the meat. I sometimes transfer the juices to a gravy boat for folks to pour over the meat after serving themselves. It's just easier to serve to a large group at my seder. I've even used skinless AND boneless thighs, and I've cut the breasts (with the bone in, but ribs removed, I think is how they sell it) in two before cooking it. Enjoy!

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                That Chicken Pizuta recipe is very unusual. I've never seen anything like it. Is it really good?

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                  It's always gone over well when I've made it!

            2. chocolate toffee matzoh is a favorite at my house!

              1. An old recipe adapted as an easy parve Passover dessert:
                Coconut Lemon Sponge Pudding
                · 3 Tablespoons of matzo cake meal
                · 3/4 cup white sugar
                · 1/3 cup lemon juice
                · 1 Tablespoon lemon zest
                · 1 cup canned coconut milk
                · 3 egg yolks
                · 3 egg whites, stiffly beaten.

                Mix flour and sugar.
                Add coconut milk and egg yolks and beat thoroughly. Add lemon zest and juice. Stir well.
                Fold in the egg whites.
                Place in a lightly sprayed (or oiled) 1&1/2 quart souffle dish. Place dish in a pan of water in the oven and bake uncovered at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes to one hour, or until browned on top.
                The pudding separates out while it's cooking, making a sponge layer on top and a creamy, rich pudding sauce underneath. Serve by scooping it out of the dish with a spoon and add fresh berries to individual bowls.
                This recipe serves 4-6

                1. I've made this dessert a month ahead. It freezes well. cover with wax paper, wrap in foil and put into a large ziploc bag. thaw at room temp.

                  Passover Linzer Torte

                  1/2 cup matzo cake meal
                  1/2 cup potato starch
                  1 cup pareve margarine or butter,
                  cut into 1-inch pieces
                  1 cup ground unpeeled almonds
                  1/2 cup granulated sugar
                  1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
                  1/4 tsp. cloves
                  2 tbsp. Grated lemon rind
                  2 eggs, separated
                  1/2 cup red raspberry jam

                  Position knife blade in food processor bowl; add cake meal and potato starch. Top with cover; pulse 3 or 4 times or until blended. Add margarine to cake meal mixture. Pulse 7 or 8 times or until blended. Add almonds, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, lemon rind and egg yolks; process until smooth. Remove two-thirds of dough (1 3/4 cups) and spread on bottom and 1 inch up sides of ungreased 9-inch springform pan; top with jam.

                  Divide remaining dough into six equal portions. Shape each portion with fingers into a ropelike cylinder; arrange on top of jam in lattice fashion, pressing each end into dough at edge of pan. Slightly beat egg whites (at room temperature), and brush evenly over dough. Bake at 325 degrees F for 45 minutes. Let cool slightly before removing sides of springform pan.

                  1. Kids love this passover dessert. also freezes well in tupperware

                    Chocolate Raspberry Macaroon Bars

                    bottom layer
                    1/2 cup butter softened
                    1/2 cup confectioners sugar
                    1/4 cup cocoa
                    1 tsp. almond extract
                    1 1/4 cup Matzoh Cake Meal (1 1/4 cup flour if not for Passover)

                    1/2 cup seedless raspberry jam
                    1 cup milk chocolate or dark chocolate chips
                    1 1/2 cup finely ground almonds
                    4 egg whites
                    1 cup sugar
                    1/2 tsp. Almond extract
                    1/2 cup slivered almonds

                    Preheat oven to 325. Line a 9X13 inch baking pan with foil, and grease. Beat together the butter, sugar, cocoa, almond extract and matzoh flour until crumbly. Press into pan, prick with a fork and bake 20 minutes until just set. Remove from the oven and increase the temperature to 375. Spread the jam over the crust and sprinkle with the choc chips. In a food processor process the almonds, egg whites, sugar and almond extract. Pour over the jam and spread evenly. Sprinkle with slivered almonds. Bake 20-25 minutes until top is golden and puffed. Cool in the pan 20 min. Lift out with the foil and cut into bars.

                    1. Our family's favorite Passover or anytime dessert. Freezes very well.

                      Flourless Chocolate Cake
                      from the William Sonoma guide to Good cooking

                      10 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped
                      3/4 cup butter cut into pieces
                      2 tsp. vanilla extract
                      5 eggs, at room temperature
                      1 cup sugar

                      Position a rack in the middle of the oven and preheat to 3500F. Butter a 9” springform pan. Line the bottom with a piece of waxed paper cut to fit.

                      In a heavy saucepan over medium-low heat, combine the chocolate and butter. Heat, stirring, until the mixture is smooth. Remove from the heat and let cool. Whisk in the vanilla.

                      In a large bowl, combine the eggs and sugar. Using an electric mixer set on medium-high speed, beat until the mixture lightens and triples in volume, about 6 minutes. Pour the chocolate mixture over the egg mixture. Using a rubber spatula, gently fold them together. Pour the batter in the prepared pan.

                      Bake until the top forms a crust and cracks and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out with some wet batter attached, about 45 minutes. Transfer to a rack. Immediately run a knife around the pan sides to loosen the cake; it will fall in the center. Press down on the edges to even out the top. Let cool.

                      Release the pan sides and remove them. Trim off any crumbly edges. Invert a flat plate over the cake and invert them together. Lift off the pan bottom and peel off the wax paper. Tuck strips of waxed paper under edges and pour the lukewarm glaze over the top; use a spatula to coax it down the sides. When the glaze stops dripping, remove the paper. Refrigerate until the glaze sets. About 1 hour. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate for up to 1 week.

                      Chocolate Glaze
                      1/2 cup heavy cream
                      6 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped
                      for raspberry chocolate glaze add 3 tbsp seedless raspberry jam to the cream.

                      In heavy saucepan heat cream and add chocolate. Keep stirring and whisk as chocolae begins to melt. Remove from the heat and let stand until lukewarm, about 10 minutes. The glaze should be thick but still pourable.

                      This is a very rich gourmet cake so serve in small pieces!