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Mar 14, 2006 07:56 PM

Report on boneless leg of lamb in Showtime Rotisserie

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I sent my husband to the store today for a chicken, and he came home with a boneless leg of lamb. He didn't exactly follow the instructions (typical for him), so I don't think he applied *any* spices to the outside, and he didn't secure it in any way.

The results: surprisingly good. We always struggle with the boneless lamb in the oven, since it cooks so unevenly, but it came out beautifully in the rotisserie. We'll try the chicken tomorrow night - but I'll spice it and truss it tonight rather than entrust that to him!

Incidentally, my mother, the inveterate bargain hunter, got this at a store called Big Lots for around $80. I think they have overstock and reconditioned items, though I'm fairly certain this thing had never been used before.

Thanks, all, for your suggestions!

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  1. I'm planning on cooking a boneless leg of lamb from Costco on the rotisserie tonight. I've marinated it in yogurt, garlic, and rosemary. On our rotisserie you have to set a temperature. Can anyone tell me what temperature I should set it at? Thanks for the information.