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Mar 11, 2006 03:01 PM

Young Ginger vs old ginger

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I just made a recipe for pickled ginger. The recipe calls for "young" ginger. I got some as the Asian market, and the main difference I can see is that the young ginger has a much thinner skin.

Does anyone know what the other differences are between young and old ginger?

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  1. Often, old ginger is lighter in weight because it has dried out and becomes woody. It won't peel easily.

    1. Finer texture,less fiberous...acutally quite tender. A little less piquancy, a little more sweetness. As you noticed, much thinner skin that doesn't need to be peeled.

      1. Besides being less fibrous it has a brighter more herbal flavor.

        1. So what's the recipe?

          1. Young ginger is translucent in skin color and not brown. Often times it will have pinkish sprouting tips. It is far superior than ginger you find at normal supermarket. Picture below.

            Japanese gari or sushi pickled ginger is best known for young ginger useage.