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Mar 10, 2006 04:56 AM


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A friend sent me a gift of cookbooks from JESSICA'S BISCUIT. Their catalogue looks sooo tempting, as does their website.
Has anyone gotten books from them? With no tax and free shipping, they seem even lower than AMAZON.

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  1. A friend of mine loves that source, but I'm a loyal Powell's buyer online - I like to combine cookbooks and non-cookbooks in my order to get the free shipping. They have a great selection, new and used books, and their workers have a union. It's a great local (Pacific NW) bricks and mortar store that's made the successful leap into internet bookselling.

    In NYC, I love the Strand.


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      I go to Powell's first whenever I am looking for a specific book.

    2. I have a membership in The Good Cook. The price seems right and it's very convenient.

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        I've "used" The Good Cook too to buy big, expensive books (Zuni, Way to Cook, etc) - you get 3 or 4 books for a buck plus shipping. Then you have to buy three more books to "fulfill your commitment." The prices are okay, shipping is high, but getting those first books dirt cheap makes it a good deal. You also have to remember to keep up with refusing the books they automatically send unless you tell them not to. I always cancel as soon as I can and rejoin 6 months later under another name to get more cheap books.

        Copperfield's (Napa, Calistoga, Petaluma, Sebastopol and Santa Rosa) has a table with discounted (mostly hardback) cookbooks for $7 to $10.

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          No need to play the imposter. After doing the book club waltz with them, some months later they came back at me with a new offer just like the last one - 4 books at $1 each, etc.

      2. It's been quite a while, but I've bought from them - they were fine. Unless you're spending less than $25 and live in WA, though, Amazon's shipping is free and of course, no tax, either. (In general, I mean; that won't help with another place's gift certficate.) I'd like Powell's more if they were more specific about used book condition on their site - you can find it out, but it's a PITA. Their new prices are generally nothing to write home about and a lot of their used books are on the high side.

        I generally start with Google and go from there. A positive aspect to globalization is that, currency conversion willing, it's very easy to order books from just about anywhere in the world these days...

        1. I either buy from Jessica's Biscuit, or go to their store - New England Mobile Book Fair (Newton, Massachusetts - a wonderful place!) This is a privately owned, local bookstore, with a HUGE stock and incredibly knowledgable employees. Gotta love it!

          To answer your question, purchases made from Jessica's Biscuit arrive very quickly. They really are a great deal.

          1. Most often at Half Price Books but Amazon too, occasionally Jessica's