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Mar 9, 2006 10:40 AM

tumeric conversion? dry to fresh

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I'm making red lentil dal that calls for 2 tsp of dry tumeric.
(It's the recipe discussed further down on this board, under sweet potato dal or curry)

I have a delicious little fresh tuber that is tumeric.
Anybody know the conversion rate of dry to fresh with tumeric?

How about ginger?
That's a bonus question - I'm not actually doing it, but I wonder how it works . . .


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  1. I don't think I would go as high as the "usual" teaspoon dry, tablespoon fresh rule with turmeric - maybe twice as much to start?

    The problem is that, like ginger, the fresh turmeric is almost a different creature than dried, unlike, say, thyme or marjoram which pretty much taste the same except for strength and a little nuance. (Gingerbread, for example, made with fresh ginger tastes very different from what we're used to - tastes weird to me, though I've seen people eat it happily.) So rather than a direct conversion for all cases, I think this is a taste as you go thing, depending on the recipe.

    1. I recently tried some of the fresh turmeric suggestions hounds gave me ( and Louise's lovely curry noodle recipe ( lead me to a dried to fresh conversion from the same author (Kasma Loha-unchit): 1/2 t dried= 1" fresh piece. More on turmeric linked below.

      I agree with MikeG that dried is very different from fresh turmeric. It's much more round and full, with a lively juicy quality, but at the same time it's milder and sweeter than fresh ginger, less likely to taste sharp and therefore more forgiving if you overdo it. I'm definitely buying more.