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Mar 9, 2006 10:16 AM

Extra Large Glass Cutting Boards / Counter Protectors?

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I'm looking for some plain, frosted, tempered glass, cutting boards / counter protectors that are inexpensive and extra large. I need 24" x 24" so that we can extend the life of my folks counter tops. Does anyone have any suggestions where I could get three of these? I am only seeing ones in the 16" x 20" or smaller online.

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  1. You don't want to cut on glass cutting boards, terrible for your knives.

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    1. re: Monty

      not to mention i'd think the big glass ones would be a pain to clean! but maybe that's just because my sink is smaller than a stock pot.

    2. Custom glass is pretty reasonable, I'd check your local yellow pages for a custom cut. My parents have a dining room table with a sunburst woodgrain that we wanted to show off so we did this and it worked out fine, nice beveled edges, they came out and did the measurements themselves. It was a slightly asymmetrical ellipse (a nice teakwood knock-off from Indonesia) that they measured perfectly.

      1. I purchased a 2' x 3' "plastic cutting board" from the local restaurant supply store.

        If you are interested in covering your parent's counters with this material, it is available in up to 4' x 8' sheets from a Ships Chandler (boat stuff store), and is called Starboard.

        1. I don't think they come any larger than 16X20. I have 2 that size and while I would never cut directly on them I use them as protectors and a safe place to put soomething hot down on.

          1. Isn't it interesting how most people answer any question but the one I asked?

            I don't want custom cut glass.

            I don't want plastic cutting boards, custom cut or not.

            I don't care whether they dull knives if you cut on them.

            All I want to do is find if they come in 24"x24", in tempered, frosted glass, and where to get them.

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            1. re: biltong

              Then get out the yellow pages and call a local glass shop, sure they'll be happy to sell you a piece of glass, tempered, custom cut, beveled, whatever you want.

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                you didn't mention, but have you tried a commercial restaurant supply company? If these are a commercial product....there must be some kitchen professionals reading this: where to look?

                good luck! let us know if you're successful. I'd like to see these myself.

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                  If you're looking for "Ask Jeeves" then you're on the wrong site. Chowhound is a discussion forum, not your personal answershop. What might not help you is sure to help someone else, and that's the real benefit of this site. I see some great replies here and although you haven't been gracious enough to thank people for their suggestions, I'll do it for you. Thanks to everybody for the replies, and keep them coming!

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                    Biltong, go over to the gardenweb forums and ask there. There's one for kitchens which may be of use to you. Otherwise, get out the google or your yellow pages or whatever and make some calls for yourself.