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Mar 7, 2006 01:15 PM

ISO info on Kasumi Knifes

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I was wondering if anyone's used or heard testimony from people who used the Kasumi Chef knives. I am seriously considering getting one and I was curious as to how they compare compared to other Japanese knifes, both those forged in a similar style or more mass-produced commercial varieties (like Global).

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  1. Are you talking about the damascus decorated ones? If so they are vg10 which is a good and super hard steel. I thought about getting one but decided I did not want to transition to the round handle. It is also, I think, slightly offset. I went with the Ryusen model which uses the same core steel but has a western handle. (same knife as the popular hattori hd) Pricing is about the same.

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      Yes, the damascus decorated ones. I guess I should see if the round handle fits my use first.

    2. I just got one, and love it so far. Balance and weight feel perfect to me.. I'd go and play with one and see if it fits you right. I compared with global and preferred the balance and weight - or maybe I was just being influenced by how nice the blade looks :)