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Mar 6, 2006 02:41 PM

Recipe for NY deli-style egg salad?

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I am jonesing for New York deli-style egg salad (on rye). Dallas, unfortunately, doesn't know from egg salad, and I would love to make some at home. Any favorite recipes out there?

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  1. My recipe is straightforward- eggs, ( the yolks should not be too hard), Hellmans mayo, onion, and a bit of dry mustard. I like mine on lightly toasted Italian bread, with lettuce and bacon. Dill pickle on the side. Now you have me wanting one!

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      Now that's a recipe to plotz for!

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        As a born and bred irishman, I have no idea what plotz is- is it good or bad? :}:}:}

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          Plotz=to burst, explode, collapse or faint from exhaustion, fall down dead right now. Can be good or bad. :-)

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            Thanks- and I think that is exactly the right description for the sandwich I described. :}

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        Thanks, macca. Sounds great!

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        ChowFun (derek)

        To show you how important we Chowhounds view each others culinary passions, I have perused the following books...
        The Brooklyn Cookbook
        New York City Food
        The New York Cookbook
        DELI ...101 New York Style deli dishes
        Silver Palate Cookbook

        The last 2 had recipes...
        from Deli

        Sydney's Egg salad from a transplanted New Yorker in Atlanta...Shalom Y'all (I don't remember getting egg salad like this in Ny)
        chop 12 hard boiled eggs with
        1 1/2 cups Mayo
        1 heaping teaspoon grated ginger (!)
        salt pepper to taste
        2Tbls. fresh chopped parsley
        1 small onion minced
        1/2 cup Greek black olives pitted and chopped..........mix together

        From Silver Palate...(this feels more like the real thing)" makes a zesty sandwich especially when served on black bread...."
        Egg Salad W/ Dill

        8 hard boiled eggs
        1/2 cup finely chopped purple onion
        1/3 cup fresh dill
        1/2 cup Hellmen's Mayo (same as Best's)
        1/4 cup of dairy sour cream
        1/4 cup dijon mustard
        Salt and pepper to taste

        Happy Eating!