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Mar 4, 2006 04:16 PM

Popcorn with truffle oil--how to?

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I want to make truffle-flavored popcorn. Does anyone know the procedure? I imagine it involves dry-popped corn, butter, salt, and truffle oil, but in what amounts?

I have white truffle oil and an air popper.


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  1. Michael Mina here in the bay area has done that for a couple of years as a "bar food." While the truffle flavor is certainly there, it's not overpowering. I would think once you popped the corn and added however much butter and salt you like, I would just sprinkle it with the truffle oil and toss it. I doubt there are any actual measurements. I would just call it "too taste."

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      Melanie Wong

      I observed Michael Mina's crew making this at a catered event. They just scooped the fresh popcorn out of the popper and tossed it in big stainless steel mixing bowls with the flavorings.

      1. re: Melanie Wong
        faijay (fai jackson)

        This is how I have done it for years. I buy other flavoured oils such as pizza dipping sauce (chilies, rosemary, basil, as well as truffle oil. Pour oil (to taste) into my large stainless steel bowl and then add hot popcorn in layers and toss around with two large spoons. I do it to taste and do not use butter or salt--again a matter of taste.

        It is really delicious. Sometimes I mix two flavours together i.e. truffle and mushroom flavoured oil.

    2. Just put a slug of truffle oil into your melted butter. If you drizzle the oil, it will only hit a few kernels.

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        That's exactly what I do. Then add parmesan cheese, instead of salt.

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          I HATE popcorn, probably because I can't STAND the smell of melted butter. But, I must say, I'm gonna have to try this as truffle oil and parmesan cheese should taste great!


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          That's what I do, too. Mix the oil with the butter and then toss it all in a big bowl with salt.

        3. I love popcorn! I have been waiting for this thread for a while!

          My answer to this conundrum: Abandon your hot air popper! The air popper is great for texture and the subtle spices or if you have an oil mister, but for good hearty popcorn, break out your pots and pants!

          I use a 3.5qt pot- for best results, I drop 1.5 tablespoons of rendered duck fat andabout a teaspoon of truffle oil into the pan, let it melt just a tad, then add the kernals just about cover the bottom then heat covered until the popping stops. TO this caloric treat I often add a little melted butter with some canned truffle pieces (or the product called truffle pate- truffle pieces in an olive oil suspension) with some coars salt, and black pepper and some fresh grated parmesan cheese.

          I have found adding the truffle oil to the popping oil is the best way to infuse every kernal with a subtle truffle essence- I loves me some truffles, but sometimes enough is enough. The slightly heavier texture of cooking in oil makes the experience a little more savory to me.

          Other favorite popcorn treatments:
          Chinese 5 chili oil and peanut oil
          Simple olive oil, but dry seasoned with adobo seasoning
          Air-popped with butter, cinnamon & sugar
          and on one memorable occaision- Rendered foie gras fat popped popcorn

          There are som efun spice blends out there, too, but I'm more a fan of savory oils to pop the kernals and then basic salt.

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            Great suggestions!

            That first one has to be the most decadent popcorn recipe ever.. I must try it soon :)

          2. Cakebread Cellars served awesome truffle popcorn at one of their open houses. Toss popped corn with salt, melted butter, parmesan cheese, truffle oil, and minced parsley (for color). They paired it with their reserve Chardonnay.

            1. There's a place called 8:0's in Fort Worth, Texas

     (there's one in Houston and Dallas, but I don't know if they do it)

              that has PICKLED POPCORN!!! I thought it was popcron that had been pickled, but turns out it was popped corn coated in a pickled spice mix; almost like Monster Munch Picked Onion flavored crips. We'd down it by the plateful!