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Feb 27, 2006 12:10 PM

Savory recipes using MINT?

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i have a bunch of mint at home and would like to make something with it...can't think of anything, besides recipes involving yogurt (which i'd also welcome).

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    nearsighted lady

    How about tabbouli?

    1. A bit of finely julienned mint is excellent on scallops that have been seared in olive oil and some red pepper flakes with s&p. The mint cools the heat of the pepper flakes and both flavors play out well against the texture of the scallop.

        1. I love mixing fresh mint into a ground beef mixture of garlic powder and pepper. Then forming that mixture into either little meatballs or kababs... Mint and meat go WONDERFUL together! :)


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              Or mint and cumin in ground lamb for lamb burgers. Served with a few slices of mint instead of lettuce.

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                Actually the meatballs are more like Kibi's... the Kababs are more like Koobideh. Several Parts of Mexico, especially in the Yucatan, the cuisine has strong influence from the Lebanese and Persian Immigrants. Instead of Parsley though, we use Yerba Buena, which as you know, is a type of mint. :)


            2. Here's a fabulous, easy recipe from the NYT using a skirt steak and Vietnamese chimichurri. You will have to buy some extra herbs, but if mint's what you're after just add extra of it. I have played around with the mint:cilantro proportion and it tastes great no matter what.

              Also, if you don't have a grill, just use the broiler and sear the meat a couple of minutes per side. It will cook quite a lot after you remove it from the heat, so absolutely no more than 5 minutes per side, and less if you like it rare.