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Feb 26, 2006 04:04 PM

celery ribs - inedible bits?

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I sauted some chopped up celery along with other veggies in making a soup, and then I pureed it all with my hand blender. While all the vegetable chunks were gone, the tiny fibrous veins of the celery (like tiny transparent splinters) didn't puree, and were inedible. They were just big enough to feel them on your tongue, but wouldn't dissolve if you chewed them. Somewhat ruined the eating experience.

This has never happened to me before, or at least, I've never noticed this before. Is it because my celery was a couple days old and not spanking fresh? What are my solutions? I suspect a strainer would take out only some of them. I suppose I could slice the celery so finely that the little veins (which run lengthwise, and I chop widthwise, as normal)would be so short as to hopefully be invisible.

Thoughts on this?

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  1. Did you de-vein the celery? You know, snap it back so it breaks but the veins are still attached, then rip off in one long strip so most of the thicker veins are removed.

    1. Unless you are eating celery raw, you are supposed to peel the strings before cooking as part of the preparation. That's the real reason people don't cook celery as much as used to be the case; unless stringless string beans, celery that's available in the market remains "unimproved" in that respect, and many home cooks cannot be bothered to prep it. It's less of an issue in younger celery, but not eliminated.

      1. This is a common problem with more mature celery. Deborah Madison calls to peel the back side (ridges) off the celery before using in most applications.
        I feel your pain...those little fibers are unpleasant. Next time, just peel them.

        1. Thank you! I love this much info. next time I will try this. Considering that this celery was older than usual, it's probably why I had such problems with it this time.

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            If you don't want to bother with the "bend it till it breaks and pull out the strings" you can take a veg peeler to the outside of the rib, just scrape off that very thin layer!