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Feb 26, 2006 03:39 PM

What are ramps??

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I have no idea what they are or where I can find them. What are they similar to, and can I substitute another leafy green for them in a recipe if I can't find them?

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  1. They are a wild spring onion that are very strong in flavor. You might find them at a Farmer's Market but not usually in mainstream groceries.

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      Indeed. But if you do spot them...get some...they are delicious and very versatile.

    2. Allium tricoccum. They are sometimes called wild leeks... they are not spring onions. Their flavor and aroma is like a mix of garlic and scallions. You can only get them in the early spring.

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        Food Lover's Companion says ramps are a wild onion which grows from Canada to the Carolinas and resembles a scallion with broader leaves than a scallion, it can also be known as a wild leek. It is not definitively so. It has an assertive garlicky-onion flavor and is in season March to June.

      2. A southern veggie, like a spring onion. I can get them here (bay area) at the Berkeley Bowl in the spring. They are great so saute with fresh moral mushrooms. A simple but outstanding dish.

        1. The Cooks Thesaurus is always great for finding oout what a food is. It also has a picture and what can be substituted. Here's the link to the ramps page.

          Pretty funny that another name for them is Tennessee truffle.


          1. I'd substitute leeks or green onions, depending on which texture better suits your recipe, plus some chopped garlic. Not a perfect substitute, but ramps are really hard to find.

            I think they're sometimes called "green garlic."