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speaking of potato chips - seasoning ideas? (popcorn, too)

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My husband likes to douse his chips or popcorn in fresh-grated parmesan and black pepper. Personally I'm a fan of old bay seasoning, with an extra kick of cayenne. But we're having a figure-skating-watching party tonight (soon!) and need some ideas for a unique and interesting seasoning to serve our guests.

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  1. I'm a big fan of mixing some Worcestershire sauce into the popcorn butter. You can still add the parmesan and black pepper too for real zing! I also like using lemon pepper, the cheap supermarket kind, not the fancy Trader Joe's kind. I've also been known to saute a little chopped garlic in the melted popcorn butter.

    1. For potato chips...I love malt vinegar, coarse sea salt and plenty of ground black pepper.
      For the popcorn...my favorite is olive oil heated/infused with rosemary, and a healthy grating of parmesan cheese.

      1. For popcorn, I love to mix Tony Chacheres Cajun seasoning into melted butter and toss the popcorn in it. Yum!

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          garlic powder and cayenne pepper.

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            fai jay (fai jackson)

            I am ashamed to admit that my new favourite seasoning for popcorn is white truffle oil (very expensive popcorn). I sprinkle it on the warm organic popcorn and eat the entire bowl myself. Yummy.

            1. Butter then furikake on our popcorn. Nori-sesame seed kind only. No fish...

              1. Michael Mina of Aqua fame in San Francisco served popcorn with white truffle oil. It was wonderful. Now he has his own restaurant, Michael Mina's, and that same dish is served in the bar.

                1. A little late for you, but maybe for a future idea.

                  I bought some thick potato chips that came with a small catsup-sized packet of El Tapatio sauce. Threw the sauce in the plastic bag with the chips and shook things up. Really nice.

                  I can't afford to eat chips much, but I'd love to try other hot sauces with chips. The ideas in this thread make me think that for popcorn, mixing melted butter with hot sauce might be good too.