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Feb 20, 2006 10:37 PM

how do i get crispy pork skin?

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inspired by some recent posts, i made a slow roasted pork shoulder today. roasted at about 250 for 8 hours--though i think it could have gone even longer.

the meat came out tender and delicious (pork shoulder has such tasty meat) the skin, however, came out tough. it was bronzed and looked like it should have been crisp and delicious, but instead it was tough and soft.

I tried to score it before cooking, but could only sort of make jabs with my knife because it was so tough.

so, for next time, how do i get that yummy crispy roast pork skin? and can i salvage this one? i cut the skin off and put it in the fridge. can i roast it by itself tomorrow at high heat to make it crisp?

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  1. Skin has to be scored and cooked at over 400 degrees for a while.

    1. Warm the skin slightly and scrape the excess fat off of the back of the skin. Then put it back in the oven at 350 F and let it roast until crisp. You have cracklings!Break it up while it is still slightly warm and then store in the fridge and add to cornbread etc.

      1. I agree with the other posters... 250 is great for the meat - but crisp skin does better 300+. Also, you really do need to score it. If your knife isn't sharp enough, try a serrated knife. Score it deeply - so it is into the fat - but not so deeply that you score into the muscle/meat.

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          I never bother to score. I roast with skin on and when the meat is done, I remove the skin, scrape off the excess fat and put the skin back in the oven to crisp. Then break up and sprinkle on top of the sliced meat.

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            If you score the skin, you don't have to bother with that step. If the fat can't run out, it creates moistness/steam under the skin and the skin doesn't crisp. If it can be realeased, not only is that prevented, but also the fat running over the skin serves to intensify the heat and "fry" the skin.

        2. I blast mine at 425 convection at the end to get it a bit crispy, after I've poured the rendered fat over--quite tasty.

          (Agree at 250 degrees can go 8-10 hours--use therm and take out to rest at 190 degrees).

          P.S. There is a photo of my roast below at Pork Tales II.

          P.S.S. To reheat leftovers, bring (a chunk of the) roast to room temp, pour additional rendered pork fat over roast; cook on high heat until cooked through and crispy. Even better day 2!

          1. a tip i've heard from a few sources (who all make pork roasts with wonderful crackly skin) is to score and rub salt generously into the skin. then high heat to get it crispy.

            i have yet to try this myself--my kitchen doesn't have good enough ventilation for so much fat on such high heat!