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Feb 20, 2006 09:58 AM

cinnamon chips

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I want to make cinnamon scones but don't know where to get the cinnamon "chips" or whatever substance is threaded through bakery scones. Any ideas?

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  1. has them.

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    1. re: Becca Porter

      Cinnamon Chip Recipe 3 Tbsp sugar, 1 Tbsp cinnamon, 2 tsp shortening, 2 tsp corn syrup. Mix all ingredients with a fork until crumbly & evenly blended. Spread on a foil lined cookie sheet. Bake @ 250 deg for 30-40 min until melted & bubbly. Cool completely & break into pieces.
      I had to dig around different recipes to find this. I didn't try them myself but this is the only recipe I've found so far. I was going crazy. I don't want to spend 50.00 and shipping on a billion bags. LOL

      1. re: hollisl85

        Wow! A blast from the past. Never did find a source. The KA ones are like chocolate chips and not at all what I wanted. Your recipe sounds like just the thing, actual cinnamon with a dry, grainy texture, not the waxy, creamy one that the" chips" have. Though I've moved on to many other food obsessions, I think I'll revisit this and give your recipe a try. Thanks.

        1. re: tweetie

          I also was happy to see the hollis recipe as I really don't like the waxy texture of the cinnamon chips, don't buy them, and haven't found a better substitute to date. I haven't tried the KAF chips and they may be somewhat similar to this recipe, but I'll try making them first. So, happy day.

          KAF Cinnamon Flav-R-Bites ingredients: all-natural wheat, corn, sugar, cinnamon, and soybean oil, they soften in dough while baking.

          1. re: tweetie

            KA one not like chocolate chips. Actually I had hoped for that; but even though they look like a mini choco chip, they are meld into the baked product and just boost the cinnamon flavor. If you still have them give them a try.

      2. I can get them at my regular old grocery store, by the chocolate chips and such. However, I don't find them to be the same quality as bakery scones... the chips at the grocery store seem waxy to me.

        1. Thanks for your help. I think chip was the wrong word (thus, the quotation marks) I am familiar with the ones that are similar to the chocolate chip but that's not what's in the scones I've been getting at a variety of bakeries. It seems more like a dry chunk of cinnamon as opposed to a waxy consistency like a bag chip. A mystery. Maybe I should just ask at my local favorite.

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          1. re: tweetie

            I wonder if they wouldn't have something at Penzey's... they have a ton of cinnamon products. I have a bottle of cinnamon bark that has a grinder attached that I got at Whole Foods, but it doesn't really create "chips."

            1. re: tweetie

              I know exactly what you are talking about. They also sell maple varieties of the same thing...I would describe them as granules maybe? Baking supply stores and online specialty stores should have them...sorry I don't have a specific source, I've never bought them.

            2. I am searching for these cinnamon "chips" and found this post... but no specific answers were listed. It has been over a year since the last post and I thought I'd try to ask everyone out there again.

              Any idea how to create cinnamon morsel spots in scones?


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              1. re: jennifer810

                The cinnamon specks remain a mystery and I've moved on to other obsessions throughout the year like caramel, crumbles and chutney to name a few! Good luck searching. I really didn't go far beyond CH and a few baking sites which offered the waxy chips only. Bleck!

                1. re: tweetie

                  I have almost abandoned the search... I'll let you know if I find them anywhere.

                  Any other good baking finds you can share?

                  1. re: tweetie

                    The Prepared Pantry has a line of cinnamon chips I like, it's the Hershey variety that are awful.

                    1. re: HillJ

                      Hersheys cinnamon chips? "awful"? LOL. I love those things. Can eat them by the handful! Trying to find something to bake them in just led me to this thread!

                      1. re: FitMom4Life

                        One thing Chowhound has taught me, there's room for all tastes. You like the brand, good for you.

                2. ....have I been asleep? never heard of or seen cinnamon chips anywhere-in bags or in baked goods. Where are people seeing them?

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                  1. re: toodie jane

                    the above link is one place and Hershey makes a version (not all that great tho).

                    1. re: HillJ

                      I think you are not meaning the "chips" as in chocolate or butterscotch chips, but the little chunks of cinnamon and brown sugar, as if they were not mixed properly. I've been playing with that, and the first thing is that the brown sugar is slightly moist, then dried, and broken into small chunks. (I tried grating it, but WHAT a mess) Using the same idea, mixing the brown sugar with cinnamon, spritzing it lightly, drying it, and breaking it up, then adding it, gently to scone, biscuit, or cookie dough, has worked, with varying results.


                      1. re: violabratsche

                        On a rare early morning trip to our local deli yesterday I discovered that they sell monster, warm muffins during the breakfast hours. Of course, they had a cinnamon chip one which was wonderful but has now got me thinking of those dawgone chips again!! I thought I had gotten them out of my system for good but they're baaack!

                        As stated previously, they are dry bits (flakes, chunks) of cinnamon found in scones and muffins, not the waxy bits a la chocolate chips. Can get those and they're gross! Our local farm stand makes delish scones and I'm going to ask the baker where they get them....if they'll tell.

                        1. re: tweetie

                          I'll ask the baker at work, maybe she knows of a source. (she doesn't use them to my knowledge) I'll see her on Friday.

                          1. re: tweetie

                            I'm having a laugh, because the same questions about what in the world these cinnamon bits are, and where can I find them, popped into my head a while ago. I started doing some searching, and couldn't find anything but this thread started by a person who was having the exact same dilemma as I was! After using every phrase I could imagine (cinnamon brittle, cinnamon bits, cinnamon chips...), I finally struck gold with "cinnamon bites." I haven't tried these, but they look like they could be what we've been looking for. If you cut them up a bit, I bet they'd be just the right size for that in scone cinnamon flavor that we've been searching for. Hope they work!


                            1. re: naomisinthekitchen

                              I think this is it! Tyou for posting the link! Very reasonable price for 1 lb.

                            2. re: tweetie

                              Try The triple cinnamon scones are awesome. The also have bags of cinnamon filling. I have some in the oven as we speak.

                            3. re: violabratsche


                              Thanks for the creative ideas. I am going to try playing this weekend and see what happens.

                              1. re: jennifer810

                                Please post regarding whether these chips/bits worked out! I also have been on this quest since getting addicted to Starbucks and then Caribou cinnamon chip scones. Did anyone find these in a brick/mortar store? The heat prevents me from ordering online and coming home to a sad cinnamon lump on the porch...

                                1. re: backmann

                                  I was actually at the King Arthur Flour store in VT last Saturday and they had the cinnamon bites - but I doubt this is exactly a location that works for you. I make no guarantees, but based on their look in the bag the cinnamon bites look like they would not melt like traditional chips. They have a much more solid look to them (actually a lot like pet food, but I am sure they are much tastier). I would bet that they only melt when they contact moisture since they looked like pelleted cinnamon sugar.