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Feb 18, 2006 01:13 PM

Simple Elegant Salad for 150 ppl?

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I am cutting costs at my wedding as much as possible. I want to have a simple elegant flavorful salad recipe that can be prepared ahead.

One idea is to have mixed greens and/or baby spinach with bowls of nice toppings available in separate bowls.

Another idea is to have it already together with the dressing only on the side. I would be buying most of the ingredience at Costco.

The less ingredients and the less cutting and the more simple the better. A couple of items I have been thinking of that would be easy and good are a nut, dried fruit, and crumbled cheese.

Also does anyone know of a great oil-based dressing and a great ranch style that I can buy in bulk, or otherwise a very simple dressing recipe? It is likely that I may have to delegate this to someone else so a kind of fool proof recipe.

Does anyone have any good advice for me, please...? Thanks.

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  1. Fool proof and simple dressing: (multiply as needed) 1/2 c olive oil, 1/4 c balsamic vinegar, 3 Tbsp lemon juice, one clove garlic minced or put thru press, shake of red pepper plus salt & pepper to taste. I just made this times four for a salad for about 50 and it was just fine. I always have a batch of this mixed up and ready to go.
    Or make Julia's lemon dressing: one Tb minced shallot or gr onion, 2 tsp good mustard, 2 Tb lemon juice then whisk in 1/2 c olive oil and add s & p - I usually have this around as well.
    I always believe it is best if you dress the greens before serving and put out side dishes to compliment - as you said, maybe nuts, crumbled cheese. If you have good fresh greens and dressing not much else is needed.

    1. I always mix spinache, croutons, bacon bits, and bleu cheese crumbles with rasberry vinigarette.

      It is excellent.

      1. Have you thought of those bagged mixed greens with dressing at Costco? I believe it's just regular mixed greens, with walnuts and poppyseed dressing. It's fast and it's pretty good.

        1. we once made an asian style salad for a crowd with ingredients from costco. get the ready made mixed green packages, large bottles of sesame peanut dressing (i forget what brand), some canned mandarin oranges (drained), fried chow mein noodles (like la choy brand), and some sliced toasted almonds. You can add chopped green scallions or sliced red onions for more zing. Also can add some pre-made grilled chicken pieces.

            Try this recipe from epi --it's great and I think it would work really well for a large crowd. Just serve the dressing on the side and your all set.
            (Just in case this address doesn't work, it's apple,dried cherry and walnut salad with maple dressing.)You could use bagged greens,and sub dried craisons or cranberries for the exspensive cherries.You may want to try out any salads and taste them for yourself before deciding.