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What should I do with extra Habeneros?

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I needed a Habenero for a recipe last week, and the smallest package of Habs I could get in my local (East Boston) grocery store was about 20 peppers.

What can I do with all the extras?
I already dried out about 10 in a dehydrator, and made more salsa than I'm going to eat before it goes bad.

I was thinking of making a pepper jelly to spread on crackers...has anyone tried this?

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  1. I don't know how adventurous you want to be, but I saw this recipe a while ago while cruising on the foodnetwork site. I haven't made it, but it looks so interesting that I saved it in my recipe box...Habanero-Lime Cheesecake.
    I uses 4 habaneros, so it would definetly make a dent in your stash.

    Link: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recip...

    1. Try steeping them in vineger for one to two weeks then save the vineger and discard the peppers. I like this plain on fish or I make a relish using scallions.

      1. Followed you over here from the Boston board - I discovered Habenero pepper jelly in Tucson when I lived there for a couple of years. I became addicted to it - now I need to search out some habeneros so I can try my hand at it.

        I haven't tried them (yet) but there are quite a few recipes at this site: http://www.pepperfool.com/recipes/jam...

        Also, below is the link to a recipe that combines apricots (yum) with the habeneros.

        Let us know what you decide to try, & how it turns out!

        Link: http://www.recipezaar.com/132932

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          Forgot to add - I would try this recipe (the Habanero Gold) without the onions, though. Somehow that doesn't appeal to me.

        2. Freeze them whole (or seeded). Works great.

          1. Okay, so I thought I was getting senile - what I thought was spelled habanero was spelled habenero in all these posts.

            So I go on Google. I type in "habanero" and get lots of hits I type in "habEnero" and get lots of hits but at the top it says "did you mean 'habAnero'?

            So I think I'm right, but I may not be...or maybe there are two kinds of chiles habe and haba

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              i always thought it was habanero.

            2. pepper jelly is awesome. go for it.

              Like someone else mentioned, you can freeze them whole too. They will still be great in most applications - particularly ones where they are cooked at some point.

              Last thought is to make some awesome jerk paste, since habaneros and scotch bonnets are virtually the same thing. then you can freeze it in ice cube trays or small portion size. Then you have awesome grilled or broiled jerk dishes ready in the waiting.