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Good substitute for lingonberry preserves?

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I'm making duck breasts for an early Valentine's Day dinner on Saturday night and the recipe calls for lingonberry preserves. Quite frankly, being on the east coast, I don't recall ever seeing lingonberry preserves in the supermarket.

I'll certainly give it the old college try to find lingonberry, but assuming I come up empty, what would be an acceptable substitute?


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  1. Cranberries are a good substitute. I find Lingonberries in my grocery both in the jams and preserves and the baking aisles

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      eLizard (f/k/a Lizard)

      Not sure where you are on the East Coast (I'm in Boston), but you can get Lingonberry preserves in Ikea.

      1. Make the simplest cranberry sauce (recipe from the bag) and it will be fine, in fact I think it will be better than commercial lingonberry preserves which can be too sweet and mild.

        I think the Cabernet Cranberries recipe posted here ages ago would work brilliantly too. You do want a bit of tartness, not just a sweet jam.

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          The problem is that the powers that be have decided that cranberries are only used at Thanksgiving and Christmas and finding them fresh in February is next to impossible in most markets. So canned cranberries jel or relish is what will be available. Unless you have a bag of frozen ones on hand

          The cabernet cranberries are from me, it is simply the recipe on the back of the bag with the wine substituted for water and a cinnamon stick thrown in. Pretty simple.

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            I can get cranberries at my local store no problem... but I'm in NYC.

        2. if there's a middle eastern shop in your area (or a section in your main grocery store), you could try pomegranate molasses, which also has the tartness...

          1. I don't think it's that hard to find lingonberries, depending on exactly where you are on the east coast. I used to live in CT and saw them all the time in the supermarkets. Might have to go to one with a gourmet foods section or to a WHole Foods

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              Also, try a German market or Italian market (I currently have a jar of Italian made lingonberries-Vis brand- picked up at Long's drug store of all places).

              Canned cranberries work flavorwise, add a touch of mild vinegar if too sweet.

            2. As someone on the other side of the Atlantic who has to use lingonberries as a substitute for cranberries, I concur with the recommendations that you use cranberries or cranberry preserve. I think cranberries are more interesting flavorwise than lingonberries. I miss cranberries--next time I go back I'm going to smuggle a few bags back in my carryon and then freeze them.

              1. Just an FYI: Lingonberries are the northern European cousin to our cranberries. A bit brighter, smaller and milder, perhaps more balanced, flavor; they are used by many Europeans for similar uses to our cranberries. Cloudberries are the definitive Scandanavian berry, golden and wonderful.

                1. Definitely try your "local" IKEA for lingonberries. They have many products that are lingonberry-based. Plus they have some lovely cookies and cheeses you won't find anywhere else. (Terrific if you end up with a store credit you can't think how to use!)