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Feb 7, 2006 03:47 PM

Calling All Recipe Hoarders - Searching for Gordansville Fried Chicken!

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Ok you guys are my only possible hope right now.

Many years ago, either Bon Appetit or Gourmet published a fried chicken recipe called Gordansville Fried Chicken. I'm almost positive it was Bon Appetit.

This had to be sometime in the very late 80's or very early 90's. I remember that, because it was before I got divorced in 1992 LOL. And, I remember exactly which kitchen I was in when I was cooking it.

I had tracked it down w/the publisher and they actually were able to dig it up at that time and mailed me a xerox from the magazine.

Of course, here it is over 10 years later (at least) and it's been misplaced through all the many moves I've made since. I tried contacting them again but, to no avail. Records are just too old now.

What I remember about it was that the chicken was marinated in buttermilk and a few dashes of hot sauce for a couple of hours, then coated with a flavored flour mixtured (I think it was just a bit of salt, pepper, paprika and thyme maybe? I could be completely wrong on this).

It made the world's best chicken. I never cook fried chicken anymore, haven't since I've been with my current husband (8 years now, no, no plans to divorce this one LOL). I'm dying to find this recipe and cook it for my DH and I - he'll flip over it.

Ok, anyone :-) I figure someone out in chowland must keep all those back issues!


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  1. See if you can get your hands on John T. Edge's book Fried Chicken, I don't have a copy here but he does refrence Gordonsville fried chicken in the book and there may be a recipe there.

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    1. re: Candy
      ChowFun (derek)

      Here's a link to the book...and guess what I own it!
      So here goes...with some minor variation of course

      3-4lb. chicken...8-10 pieces

      1 1/2 cups ap flour
      1 tbls. salt
      1 tbls black pepper..or to taste
      1 tbls paprika..sweet (or hot)
      2 tbls ground sage
      2 cups 2% milk
      1 egg beaten
      peanut oil and 3tbls bacon fat to fry in

      combine salt, 1 cup of flour, paprika, and 1 tbls of sage in bowl
      stir in the milk and beaten egg to make a thin batter.

      In the remaining 1 cup of flour roll the chicken..and then dip the chicken pieces in the batter allowing excess to run off.
      Place chicken on a wire rack in the fridge for at least 15 minutes to set.
      Heat 3 inches of oil to a temp. of 350 degrees
      Put in skinside down chicken cook without cover at 325 degrees
      for 8 to 12 minutes per side.
      or internal temp. is 170ish for dark meat, and 160ish for white
      Drain on wire rack and sprinkle with the remaining 1tbls of sage...

      Hope this helps!!!


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      ChowFun (derek)

      Apparantly Gordonville, Virginia is the self proclaimed "Capital of Fried Chicken" The following blurb lists a phone # for the dept of tourism..if you can't get the answer you are looking for on the might give them a try...
      Orange County Heritage Celebration June 16, 2001Gordonsville, Virginia Honoring the African-American contribution to the arts- culture - history of Gordonsville, VA and specifically honoring the "Legendary Chicken Vendors" - the African-American women who served chicken to railroad passengers - 1840 - 1930s, earning Gordonsville the reputation as the "Fried Chicken Capital of the World".Celebration will include Fried Chicken Competition, art exhibits, historical displays, and entertainment. Contact: Orange County Dept. of Tourism - 877-222-8072.

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      1. re: ChowFun (derek)

        Wow! Who knew? I'm going to try and see if I can dig it up somehow from there - I do seem to remember it may have been a restaurant's recipe.


      2. I found this on the net:

        Gordonsville Fried Chicken (purportedly from Bon Appetit)

        3 lb chicken in 8 pieces
        2 c milk
        1 c flour
        1 1/2 tsp baking powder
        salt and pepper
        3/4 c water
        vegetable oil

        Soak chicken in milk 1 hour, occasionally turning.
        Combine flour, baking powder, salt and pepper, stir in water. Drain and pat
        dry chicken. Dip into batter and let stand 10 minutes. 1/2" of oil in
        skillet heated to 375 degrees F. Chicken skin side down til golden brown.
        Turn. Paper towels to drain.