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Feb 7, 2006 10:54 AM

Raspberry Crostada with Almond Paste (photo...)

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This was a riff on Giada De Laurenti's Raspberry Crostada. It was really delicious. Fellow CHs rated it a 9.8.


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  1. Gorgeous! Would you mind sharing the recipe? How was the almond paste?

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    1. re: petradish

      Give me a day or two :)
      (Need to type up the recipe--takes me a while, esp. with two little ones interupting me all the time!)

    2. gorgeous is the word that came to my mind too! thanks for posting it! I'd also love the recipe, if you have the time to post it.


      1. e
        eLizard (f/k/a Lizard)

        Did you end up making your own almond paste?? The photo is fabo, and I, too, look forward to the recipe.

        1. I'm aching for a piece of that right now! Look forward to hearing how you tweaked Giada's recipe.

          1. The crust looks absolutely perfectional! Did I just make up a word?