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Feb 3, 2006 04:20 PM

does horseradish go bad?

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i have an opened jar of horseradish that's been in my fridge since the summer, maybe july or august. is it still good to use? i'm going to make cocktail sauce.

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    AGM/Cape Cod

    Horseradish doesn't go bad but it does lose intensity as it ages being the hottest right after it is ground. Use it for the cocktail sauce but you might need more to get the kick.

    1. You will want to get fresh horseradish, it loses it's pungency and flavor pretty quickly after opening the jar. It is not "bad" it just won't taste the way you want.

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      1. re: Candy

        I had NO idea how true this was until I opened a new bottle of 'radish to make cocktail sauce.. I added my regular amount then about blistered my mouth !! WHEW

      2. I have't found it going bad in that period of time and to me the kick is still there, now if your see some red or green mold I would worry.

        1. I'd replace it but if you are going to possibly use it and I'm assuming that it looks ok, smell it and if it smells ok then taste a small amount. I have had it develop a somewhat bitter taste, not hot, just bitter! Yuk!!!

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            Same here. Had to throw out some bitter (!?) horseradish recently.

          2. All of the horseradish on our local store shelves is 'sauce' and it contains preservatives. If this is what you have, it should be ok (but as o-ps have said, not very delicious). If you are lucky enough to be able to get just grated horseradish, then by all means, get a fresh jar!

            So.... maybe get a fresh jar, whichever you have?