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Feb 3, 2006 03:55 PM

deep fried pierogies. . . .yummy

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getting together with a bunch of friends to watch pittsburgh win the one for the thumb this sunday, and the theme is deep fried superbowl! in honor of the strong eastern european influences in the 'burgh i'm planning on bringing pierogies to fry. two questions:

1. do i thaw them before frying?

2. suggestions for accompanying dipping sauces. . . was looking for something more creative than sour cream, but a creative addition to sour cream would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. You absolutly have to have fried onions with them, carmelize the onions slowly in butter.
    Applesauce (so easy with real apples) another must.
    Sour cream.
    Cole slaw? Sauerkraut?
    If you are boiling them then you can throw them in frozen, but if you are frying them, then my guess is that you need to thaw. You could first boil and then fry to finish off with a crispy outside.

    1. I see now you plan to deep fry. I can't say, I'm not much of a deep fryer myself.

      1. Yep, thaw them before you fry them.
        I like mine drizzled with brown butter and sauteed onions. I know, oil on oil...but it's yummy!