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Where to buy cooked/sauced unagi (to make sushi at home) in East Bay?

kimchee Mar 12, 2004 12:50 PM

I've driven by Tokyo Fish Market on San Pablo...do they have it prepared already? What is the best fish market for sushi-grade fish in Berkeley/Oakland area? Berkeley Bowl has a decent selection case it seems like. Thanks.

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    Ruth Laughlin Mar 16, 2004 07:24 PM

    The new name of that grocery store escapes me, but its the one right on the corner.

    Its in the freezer section, labeled Oak Charcoal Grilled Eel in a gold and black JFC package and costs $5.95.

    I liked this brand alot and have tried several others without hitting a bad one.

    1. c
      Celery Mar 12, 2004 02:20 PM

      Tokyo Fish Market has had unagi in the past - don't know if they always have it. It's also good for sushi fish and all kinds of Japanese foods.

      1. a
        array Mar 12, 2004 02:01 PM

        many Chinese / Korean supermarket carry good ones, from $3-8 each. find them in the freezer, some come with extra sauce, some are not, but you can find bottled sauce on Spice ailes.

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