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Mar 12, 2004 12:50 PM

Where to buy cooked/sauced unagi (to make sushi at home) in East Bay?

  • k

I've driven by Tokyo Fish Market on San they have it prepared already? What is the best fish market for sushi-grade fish in Berkeley/Oakland area? Berkeley Bowl has a decent selection case it seems like. Thanks.

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  1. many Chinese / Korean supermarket carry good ones, from $3-8 each. find them in the freezer, some come with extra sauce, some are not, but you can find bottled sauce on Spice ailes.

    1. Tokyo Fish Market has had unagi in the past - don't know if they always have it. It's also good for sushi fish and all kinds of Japanese foods.

      1. r
        Ruth Laughlin

        The new name of that grocery store escapes me, but its the one right on the corner.

        Its in the freezer section, labeled Oak Charcoal Grilled Eel in a gold and black JFC package and costs $5.95.

        I liked this brand alot and have tried several others without hitting a bad one.