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Jan 29, 2006 06:08 PM

Baking with Toblerone

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I have a bunch of milk chocolate Toblerone bars and I don't particularly care for them. Any ideas for how I could use them in baking? (Not really interested in fondue). Thanks!

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  1. My mom used to bake the BEST cookies with toblerone. She made a basic shortbread dough, rolled scoops of the dough into discs. She placed a triangle in the center (on its side) and rolled up three edges to cover most of the chocolate. When they baked, the chocolate was completely held inside with no leakage and the top edges came apart a bit on top so you could see there was chocolate inside. The toblerone texture is completely different than directly from the bar and the nougat pieces are amazing. Sorry I dont know the shortbread recipe part. But I know she always said the butter needs to be chill and you cant play with shortbread dough too much or it gets tough. Good Luck....write back if you try it.

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      The coffee shop here at my work sells these. Shortbread cookies with Toblerone chunks. They are delicious and the chocolate gives it a nice crunch.