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Jan 28, 2006 03:35 PM

Split Pea Soup herbs/spices?

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Making split pea soup today.

Cooked ham hocks yesterday, and they're ready to go in at the last, along with the defatted broth (gosh, that smells devine!)

Have cooked the peas with many garlic cloves, pepper, thyme, bay leaves and a pinch of ground cloves.

Just added a chopped onion and a carrot to cook till soft.

Anything missing?

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  1. Tabasco is required in my kitchen.

    1. Leeks, chives, and white wine.

      Sautee the cleaned and cut up leeks, but chives get stirred in at the end.

      Also very good with yellow split pea soup.

      1. I hit mine hard with Worchestershire and tobasco. Split pea soup is the only reason I have W'shire in my kitchen (OK, shrimp dip) but I really think it adds a lot to the soup. And the heat(just until you can decern a "bite") is mandatory as well.

        1. Absolutely use leeks instead of or along with onion! Onion isn't even necessary when you use leeks. They are so delicious and unique and everyone who tastes my soup loves it! I also use the real bacon bits (already cooked) out of necessity for the "ham" flavor. Very delicious as well!

          1. I use a recipe from the Doubleday Cookbook that uses garlic and fresh rosemary. No thyme or bay leaf or cloves.