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Jan 26, 2006 07:11 PM

Maesri brand curry paste

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I found this tiny cans of curry paste (red, green and massaman) at the Jean Talon Market in Montreal.

Looking for a store in NYC that sells them.

Throw them together with a can of coconut milk, meat and veggies, and there's dinner. Much better than the Thai Kitchen and other typical brands on the market.

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  1. Almost any store in Chinatown has them, even the non-SE Asian/Thai places. The paste in the larger plastic tubs, by the way, tastes noticeably less "canned" than that in the small tins. For paste that's even better still, go the Thai grocery on Mosco St. in Chinatown and get the stuff in the mylar bags (in the fridge) that they import directly themselves.

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      The plastic tubs are probably the same Mae Ploy brand Das Ubergeek mentioned in his response to your parallel thread, Sarah. Much better than canned. I particularly like their green curry, but always have yellow and red on hand, as well.

      1. re: Christine

        The two big companies I know of, Maesri and May Ploy, both have packaging that's virtually identical except for the name and logo (for all I know they're both made by one big conglomerate like so many American brands.) When this has come up here before, I've mentioned a slight preference for Maesri, but they're basically similar. The stuff the place on Mosco St. imports is better than either "shelf-stable" brand and not much, if any, more expensive weight for weight.

        1. re: MikeG

          Just in case I wasn't quite clear - Mae Play and Maesri both come in cans as well as the plastic tubs. For both brands, the plastic tubbed "format" tastes better than the canned. The refrigerated pastes I mentioned are better still. (I'm not sure they're always the same, the packaging art seems to change from time to time, but the two I have right now are Nittaya brand.)

          1. re: MikeG

            Nittaya is a rightfully popular brand amongst Thais. They have two shop around the corner from each other in the Banlgumpu area of Bangkok. My Thai friends in Los Angeles asked for nothing else but various products from the Nittaya shop on my recent trip to SEA. Ended up hauling 8 kilos of assorted pastes back much to the bewilderment of customs.

            1. re: jed

              Yes, I did run a parallel thread on the 'General Topics' board. I've received great advice from both. Looking forward to a Chinatown shopping trip and some taste testing.

              1. re: jed

                I tried them initially after asking the storekeeper which of the various brands she preferred, so that's another Thai in the Nittaya corner. Since it's somewhat more expensive than the shelf-stable brands, I was a little skeptical but the proof was indeed in the pudding.

                For those who don't go through a container very quickly, by the way, the pastes do freeze well, if not quite perfectly.

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