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Jan 26, 2006 03:18 PM

jarred mole help

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I tried making a mole sauce using a jar of Dona Maria mole and 4 cups of chicken stock. The result was pretty bland and a bit bitter, not like the round, complex moles I've had at restaurants.

The jar didn't have any instructions so I looked around and the consensus was to use at least 4 cups of liquid. I did fry the mole paste a bit before adding in the stock and I'm wondering if that caused the bitterness because I know that scorching chiles can definitely ruin a dish. Or is Dona Maria just a bad brand?

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  1. k
    King of Northern Blvd.

    Here's a link from awhile ago that might be useful.

    1. I don't think I've ever made a whole jar before... but usually it's 4pts stock to 1pt mole paste... So for the 4 cups or Stock... you needed a Cup of Mole Paste...

      Also, I dunno about frying... I like to lightly heat up the Mole Paste so that it kinda bubbles and the oil gets loosened up, not longer than a few minutes, that makes it easier for me to mix into the broth...

      Even when I use Dona Maria (Which I don't anymore because I have places near me where I can get fresh mole pastes), I take it the slow and steady approach... Not just dump 1 dump 2 and heat... Here's a detailed discription of how I tackle Mole Paste and make Mole Enchiladas! :)


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        I didn't dump everything in all at once, but added the stock in one cup at a time and kept stirring until smooth. I also tasted after each addition. The jar was about 8oz so my ratio was twice yours but after 2 cups the sauce was very thick and tasted bitter. My guess is now that I heated the mole paste for too long on its own. Alas, now the dilemna of whether to toss it and try again or to finish it off...

        1. re: D.T.

          I think you're right, you may have scorched it a little. I put a little bit of stock in with the paste to begin with, and just gradually add more stock as I keep mashing the paste into the stock. For canned mole, Dona Maria is fine and I've never known it to taste bitter. Try again!

      2. I'm not yet desperate enough for mole to go for Dona Maria

        but when I cook mole paste from other sources, I start with frying onions and garlic in a little oil, then mash in some paste and add the broth like you did. Might help with a smoother richer flavor. People then make adjustments by adding more chilis, unsweetened chocolate, almonds or sesame . . . and by that time it's sort of a stone soup operation. The more you add, the better it gets.
        But the onions are a minimum.

        1. I used Dona Maria when I lived, briefly, in Colorado and couldn't get my East LA fix and found that I had to add a little sugar with the chicken broth. Without, it seemed bitter to me, too.

          1. I found Dona Maria's mole so bitter I returned the jar to Whole Foods. I tried adding sugar, lower heat, more onions, etc. I couldn't eat any of it. Thankfully Whole Foods has a honor policy for situations like that. I explained why I wasn't happy with it and got my money back.