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Jan 25, 2006 08:57 AM

Chicken livers?

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So, I have a pound of chicken livers and want to use them for dinner tonight. You Hounds have any ideas on a good and tasty way to do so?

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  1. Chopped liver!

    Clean them, saute them then grind them up with one sauted onion, 6 (or more) hard boiled eggs and some salt and pepper. The more onion, the sweeter.


    Toss in flour, fry and make milk gravy.

    1. Though I've never cooked them myself, one of the best chicken liver dishes I ever had was at a local restaurant here on the north shore of Massachusetts. It was an appetizer of chicken livers marsala.

      The combination of rich chicken liver with the slightly sweet/acidic marsala sauce with mushrooms was outstanding.

      Just make sure not to overcook the liver! My father taught me that great liver should be slightly charred on the outside and pinkish in the middle! Of course the fact that it was smothered in bacon and onions never hurt either!



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        hungry celeste

        Fried chicken livers, oh yeah. Melt a little pepper jelly to use as a dipping sauce. With a side of baby green limas & rice. Mmm--hmmm.

        1. Several restaurants here in the bay area serve sauteed chicken livers on their salad and it's one of my wife's favorites. It's normally a salad with frissee and perhaps a few other greens. Many times it's a warm vinegarette using the oil in the pan the livers were cooked in. It is very good.

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            I was just about to post this French idea. I've had that salad (with butter lettuce, sauteed chicken livers and dressing) in several restaurants in Paris. Very good. Served with warm, crusty bread.

          2. Chopped liver is a classic option. Many great recipes on epicurious or foodnetwork. You can then put it on rye bread or on some greens.
            You could also do them in an asian stir fry with a thickened garlic sauce and serve over white rice.
            Or, you could do them very simply (my favorite) and brown them with butter in a cast-iron pan, salt them, and serve however you want.