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Jan 25, 2006 07:05 AM

What to do with Beef Cubes???

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I've got some defrosted beef cubes sitting in the fridge all set for dinner tonight. While I have everything needed to make a decent stew, I'm just not in the mood for that. Any ideas on how to jazz it up a bit or make something entirely different???


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  1. Kabobs come to mind - though I've never made them.

    1. I'm assuming you have stew beef rather than steak tips. If so, I'd forego the kabobs (I think tips are better suited for kabobs) and make either a stroganoff or beef bourguinon (sp?).

      Serve them over garlicky buttered egg noodles with a great crusty bread. I'd probably have roasted root vegetables on the side.... just to put the "comfort food" factor over the top!



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        I second the vote for stoganoff!

      2. I'm probably too late, but my vote is for Beef Curry...consider a lovely recipe below that my son claims is identical to the beef curry served at a local Persian restaurant here in Naples, FL called Bha-Bha. We do love it and I am lately cooking lots of Indian, Thai and Vietnamese foods so this is just what I think you should do with those beef cubes! By the way, I can find the Major Grey chutney right in my supermarket here where steak sauces are found, just a little fyi for you.


        1. cheesesteaks